Monday, 14 January 2013

Figs and Rouge balm in Rambling Rose - Review

Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose balm £3.49*
I was sent two cute balms from Lucy rose, an online organic boutique for all things beauty related. What i love about Lucy rose is that all of the products are natural and organic and it is something that is becoming popular, who wouldn't want to use all things that are closer to nature?
The first balm i am going to review for you is my most favorite - the rambling rose balm.
I absolutely love rose scents and so i was excited to use this. I really enjoyed using this. 
When you use the balm the first time you can see a shiny film like texture but this is actually a layer of hydration to keep the balm fresh. The texture is smooth, it leaves my lips feeling moisturized and soft, perfect for chapped lippys out there.
The scent is amazing, it smells just like freshly cut roses <3 
I was happy that this balm didn't have the texture of Vaseline because i absolutely hate petroleum and the feel of it (yuk) but because of the natural ingredients it has made it a winner and it should be a must for all make up bags out there!.
I also love the packaging and the colours used on this dinky little pot, certainly catches the eye and if your into vintagey designs than this is definitely for you!.

Overall i am happy that i finally got the chance to try figs & rouge because i have heard so much about it and how popular this balm is :)
All of the Figs & Rouge balms are available to buy on the Lucy rose website - here 
so do check it out!


  1. I am so picky about my lip balm/gloss and this stuff looks great!Thanks for sharing :)

    Stop by and say hello when ou get a chance!


  2. @ Clara Schoen hehe same! no problem i sure will! :)

  3. Yummy! Natural and Organic is awesome. I need to try this.

  4. @ WestiB you must! it is the ULTIMATE balm :) <3


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