Tuesday, 22 January 2013

M.A.C Studio fix Powder plus Foundation - Review

Ahh the good ol' M.A.C studio fix powder... how do i even begin to describe such a fantastic product that is popular and loved by many?
This is my absolute go to product and it was one of the first ever product from M.A.C that i bought and tried and i instantly fell in love with the performance of this powder and i could not even find a flaw.
The shade i use now is NC20 which is perfect for my complexion, though it may seem light for typical asian skintones, it's perfect for my skin and it does not leave me looking ill or ghostly.

It has a silky smooth texture and it glides on so effortlessly and covers beautifully. For a powder, its one of the most pigmented foundations I’ve found. It’s particularly helpful for those who have discoloration (age spots, acne scars, redness, etc) and with oily skin, because it leaves a super matte (yet flawless) finish to the skin. It’s light as air, allowing your skin to breath and feel free.

Another thing that i love about M.A.C is the shade range, there’s a shade for everyone and i like how you can control the coverage, using a fluffy powder brush for a light hint of colour or using a sponge for a full-coverage finish.
Though i would never opt for the sponge because after a couple of uses, the bacteria builds up and you would have to repurchase sponges and just seems like a hassle and i found that if i used sponges it would make me look cakey so i use the bare minerals fluffy face brush and it's like marriage made in heaven. The brush works well with this product and i tend not to use too much powder because it look's unnatural and i only use it where i need it the most, especially the t zone area. It is also hygienically safe to use brushes as long as you wash them regularly.
In terms of wear time my skin usually lasts 5 - 7 hours depending on the weather and my skin's condition. It is always a must in my bag and i wouldn't leave the house without it!

I love this and i would recommend this to all!
Available online and in store - £20.50/$27.00


  1. I love MAC products. My mom and I just got our make up done there and stocked up on some necessities. A bit pricey but very worth it. I like the face and body foundation the best!

  2. @ KraftinMommy ^^ it sure is worth it! we can never get enough of M.A.C haha!

  3. I have heard nothing but good things about this powder, but im still yet to try it!

    Found your blog through Aloha Friday, and Im a new follower. Love your blog!!

    I hope you will check out my blog too, and also enter my international giveaway;

  4. @ The beauty and lifestyle hunter hehe it sure is a staple in nearly everyones bag :) you mus try it to see why there is hype about it :)thank you for your kind words :)

  5. Love your blog! Your reviews are so helpful, I've heard great things about this powder, but I have yet to try it.

    Stopping by from the Weekly Wednesday Blog Hop.


  6. Emily Devine thank you for your kind words! means alot ^^
    i sure will! <3

  7. Hi Zara, I just found you from the Aloha Blog Hop, and honey I couldn't agree with you more. I've been using MAC products for years… and I LOVE them. I have some blemishes and when I use the foundation (with primer) the blemishes are visible AT ALL. I think this product is worth investing in.

    Looking forward to reading more from you
    Maya D

  8. @Perfectly imperfekt Me,aka Maya D :) i agree, M.A.C is loved by all lol especially if you have been using it for years! thank you! ^^


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