Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Winter Must Haves - my checklist


  1. I clicked on your blog in my feed and was just like wow! i love the contrast with the florals and the sweetheart candy header along with the collage on the notebook paper! (not to mention the flower in place of the arrow. i love this little collage! i love making them and looking at them and this one is too cute! very creative and inspiring. i love that you have the ice cream cone in with the winter stuff! i like ice cream cones over cupcakes any day- not that that has anything to do with your winter must haves. now i am getting off topic into i dont even know wtf im talking about. I told you, inspired! lol (: Night, Zara!

  2. @ Erica Jackson haha your comment made me smile! seriously it's lovely followers like you who keep my blog alive (if that makes any sense) am so happy that your enjoying my blog and it's content. Your comments really help me to make my blog a more better place and also helps me make a more visually beautiful one too! many thanks :) <


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