Sunday, 10 February 2013

Betrousse Fairy Beauty Box - Initial reactions and opening the box

I was lucky enough to be sent two beauty boxes from Betrousse. I was unaware of this beauty box company until now of course!
Betrousse's concept is different to any other leading monthly beauty box subscriptions.
It allows you to choose and see the product without the nasty surprises that you may not even like in other boxes.

The first box i have for you is entitled the Fairy box and this box was released before the festive period and before starting this review i would like to add a little disclaimer info :)
*this was the first time i reviewed a beauty box and just because it was sent for free it does not mean that my opinions will sway, my reviews are 100% truthful and i was not payed to review this either*

My cat was also intrigued with what was going on so if you like cats and beauty products then you will enjoy this ^^ 

Forte Pharma Turbo Slim Chrono Activ £29.95
Diet pills was the odd one out of the box. It is mentioned on the menu card (included in the box stating the products and prices) that post Xmas you may have put on extra pounds. Due to the excessive eating and this will aid you to get back to your normal shape and if not then better. I may try this because it has intrigued me plus i would love to lose those lil pounds i may have gained due to excessive baking.

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa Face Mask £1.49
I have always loved the Montague Jeunesse face masks and muds and i was happy to see a new product from their brand and i shall be using this for a pamper me night ^^

Skinetica £9.99
Skinetica is something i have been seeing all over the blogosphere in 2013 and i have already tried a little but i will do an in depth review on this later. This product deserves the hype and cannot wait to see my acne scars disappear!

Saffron London Black crackle nail polish - 75p
This was the first ever nail effect that existed - the crackle. I already am done with this trend so i don't think i will be using this, i may just give it away :)

Soins Experts Hydra expert cream - £34
I have been wanting to use another cream, luckily this came in the box. Though this is suited for drier skin it will come in handy for when my skin gets dry during the winter months.

Charme d’Orient Relaxing Body Cream £16 (some may receive a massage oil by the same brand)
I have not used any kind of massage products so i shall see how i get on with this.

Betrousse Tattoo by Tattyoo £5
A tattoo collection that is specifically designed for this box, kind of a play around product for me  this is another random product that has been used in the box but hey am sure there is something for everyone in this box.

Betrousse caters for all, though some of the random throw ins are different, it is that what makes it interesting plus the products are full sized too.
This is a decent box that is priced at £19 though the actual price was £97.
You can purchase the box here 

Have you tried any beauty boxes from Betrousse? what were your initial reactions?


  1. Your cat is so cute! I haven't tried this beauty box, I have tried others though but have un-subbed from them, some quality just wasn't so good.

  2. Looks really different from the other boxes I've seen! I think my favorite thing would have to be the nail polish.

  3. @Elrese Voges haha thank you! yes i can imagine but do check out betrousse, i quite like this box company ^^

  4. @Holly via

    it is :) aww mine would have to be the face mask :)

  5. The diet pills are really random. XD

  6. @Sandra haha i know right!?

  7. I love the betrousse boxes so much better than all the other beauty boxes out there! You're cat is adorable by the way ! xo

  8. Aww, I have to comment on the kitty! So adorable xx

  9. @Beauty Fiend i agree with you! ^^ haha thank you!

  10. @Coco haha awww thank you! ^^

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