Friday, 1 February 2013

Monthly Favourites: January 2013

First up is my gel eye mask, i do not know why i did not have one before?! it surely comes in handy for them long revision nights, helps perk up the puffiness of the eyes and puts you in ultra relaxation mood. I usually keep mine in the fridge for if i am really having a long night revising. My peepers thank me for it!

My ultimate go to scent is Chloe by Chloe, i just love the musky floral scent and this body lotion is a must, i found myself dabbing the cream on my wrists and where my neck pulse is because that is where the scent is given off the most and this is the moisturizing version of the perfume, definitely rediscovered it this month :)

I always change my blusher shades, depends on my mood but this month i have been loving my Performance colors blusher in the shade Plummy which is a gorgeous lilac/mauve shade and it is not a shade that i usually go for but i feel that it changes how my complexion looks, more youthful and healthy looking.

My current fave concealer! Maybelline's fit me concealer in the shade 20, matches perfectly and blends like a dream. Though it is light to medium coverage it covers all your boo boos and doesn't feel or look cakey at all. I wear this daily.

This year i wanted to give more attention to my nails and grow them more. I didn't really take good care of my hands. Now i have a new hand creams and this cuticle cream which i use weekly and i am loving it.
Helps nail growth and is just good for using in general.

I have too many mascaras and this one would have to be a rediscovery, i like how in two coats my lashes are transformed into spider lashes. I always change mascaras but this will always be one of my favorites.

What products have you enjoyed during the month of January?


  1. I absolutely love the Chloe fragrance too! It's one of my all time favourites so maybe when I buy the next bottle I'll look for a gift set with the lotion too :)

  2. @Alicia Forster it is soooooo nice right!? yeah deffo! i got the lotion in a giftset :)

  3. I love the Chloe one:) ...i had a small one and smashed it:o was a sad moment. I tried the Maybeline Fit me range but it didnt agree with me :(

    Lorna xxx

    found you via the bbloggers bloghop.

  4. @Lornalouise ohno :O hope you get another one soon! i have heard from some that the shades were not matching :( but they may add more skin tones later perhaps?

    thank you! ^^

  5. We have the 'Fit Me' range at work and I have wanted to try it for ages but I don't think they have concealer in my shade :( lovely post, found you through blog hop! :)

    Jay x

  6. @Jayleahparker am sure in the near future they may expand the range :) thank you!^^

  7. great blog name and I love the background floral design. :)
    I am a new follower from the nice to meet you hop.
    come by and visit when ya have a chance and enter to win 12 months of advertising (read Saturday the 2nd's post and enter there)- its a huge giveaway.
    have a wonderful week!

  8. @Kendra Pahukoa thank you for your kind words :) thank you!^^ i sure will!

  9. I discovered the Maybelline Fit Me concealer recently too and love it!
    Beautiful blog :)

    - Samantha xx

  10. @IsThisLust That's great! i was supposed to buy the collection 2000 one but this one appealed to me more :)


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