Monday, 4 February 2013

Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street - Review

Nails Inc - Elizabeth street is one of my favorite nail varnishes, i would have to be truthful and say that this will be the first nail varnish that i have used up properly (an empty bottle) before going gloopy because then you would have to bin it. Which i have done in the past since it takes me ages to actually finish a bottle of any nail varnish.
I would describe this shade as a ballet slipper pink (to be precise) it is a milky light pink and i have always favorited nude/pastel colours.
For it to be fully opaque you would need atleast two good coats :)
In the images above i did not use a topcoat hence why there are small chips but if i apply a topcoat i can wear this varnish for just about a week.
When i finish this bottle i will be looking for another nude/light pink shade but since there are so many it will be hard.
Essie perhaps? We shall see.

You can find Elizabeth street here, Have you used/owned this nail varnish before? what were your thoughts on it? I would love to know :) 


  1. i have to wear three coats of this to get the coverage i like... eliz st looks fab on u and ur skin tone :) xx

  2. @Catrine thank you for your kind words ^^ to be fair it is a very light colour but it is good that you can achieve the maximum opacity so am sure it looks great on you too!

  3. I love that color!!

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  7. pretty color..
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  9. Pretty color! I personally always like darker colors on my toes, but lighter pinks like that shade for my nails- it's just the way I am :)

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  12. @Laurie me too! but strangely i am starting to love darker colours now lol, aww thank you! i would love to!

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