Sunday, 24 February 2013

Papier Poudre - Review

Papier Poudré is a range of absorbent powdered face papers that has been on the market for over 100 years and this would be the first time i have ever heard/tried this.
The natural ingredients of Papier Poudré have special absorbent qualities for cleansing the pores, lifting oil, dust and dirt from the skin, and soak up excess oils to keep your face looking fresh and natural, removing shine, and leaving a delicate trace of powder and an instant matte finish to make up. 
Papier Poudré is available in the following shades: Rachel (Recommended for Dark/Medium Skin Types) , Rose (Recommended for Light Skin Types) ,White (Recommended for Very Light Skin Types)
I use these quite often now as they don't clog up the pores and it helps remove any excess oils and shine.
Naturally i chose the Rachel version and am not gonna lie but these blotting papers are fantastic. 
It really does what it says, It's great to travel with, keeping one in your bag or in the car. I have never used any blotting papers before but i am glad that this is my first because not only does it leave enough powder on your face and it also leaves your skin feeling soft too. Other oil absorbing papers may leave your skin feeling dry or tight perhaps? but i like how this finishes the face off rather than just take away the excess oil.

I would love to know your experiences with paper poudre, and if you have not tried these then you need these in your life! comment below ^^


  1. Thanks for the great info. super useful, but they are so beautiful, too! Your newest GFC follower from Let's Get Social Sunday! :)


  2. I'm always looking for a good blotting paper. Hi! I found you on Sunday Social and love your blog. I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd pop on by my neck o' the woods, stay a while, and follow back!

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  3. @Kathy Moody no problem :) thank you! ^^

  4. @Enjoying the Epiphany hi back ^^ thank you! sure no problem :)

  5. I've never heard of them before, but they sound wonderful, and they come in such a pretty package.

  6. @Fugeecat same! i didn't know it even existed! i agree am a sucker for all things vintage :)

  7. I've been looking for good blotting papers for a while! I've never heard of this before but the package alone is reason enough to buy it haha Where did you get them from?

    Also you might like to have a look at my blog and follow back if you like? :)
    xx Andrea

  8. @Andrea Lang haha i agree! i got this from Betrousse, a beauty box company. The box was called pretty beauty. Sure :)

  9. Hello from the blog hop! I have never heard of these before but I could definitely use some oil lifting! They are so chic looking too!

  10. Hi from the Blog hop! We are your newest followers and would love a follow in return! Looking forward to reading more from you :)
    Colleen at Sugar Aunts

  11. @Yelle Hi! i agree! this is the first and only blotting papers i will be using :)

  12. @SugarAunts hi thanks! sure! ^^


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