Thursday, 14 March 2013

CHARME D ORIENT relaxing body massage cream - Review

CHARME D ORIENT massage cream* RRP £16

Formulated with a base of black seed oil, cinnamon essential oil and capsicum. Ideal for relaxing muscles and for massage.Who doesn't love massages? The packaging is pretty standard but the actual cream itself works wonders. It isn't greasy and absorbs pretty quickly. It smells like spas and somewhat reminds me of an oriental scent. The tub is pretty big so this will last ages. To be honest this is not something I'd think about buying but that's the point of beauty boxes I guess because you discover new brands that you may have never heard of. 

I am however glad that atleast i have this as a new addition for those me time pamper days. It is great to take time out and leave the busy hectic world to one side. I would most probably use this on my legs and joints because that is where most of the strain goes and am sure my body will appreciate it. I was worried that this cream may cause a mess but since it has fast absorbing properties there is no mess. I think this product is great for anyone. From someone who gyms alot to a teenager's pamper night.

Have you tried this brand or cream before? what are your views on it?


  1. looks very smooth and creamy...thanks fir sharing!

  2. Ooo! This looks good, but it's not available in NZ :(

  3. @Bettyl :( maybe try finding it online? :)


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