Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kryolan Yellow Corrective Concealer - Review

None of us have perfect air brushed skin so the best way is to fake it.
 That's why concealers are one of my most favourite make up items
Corrective concealers basically aids normal concealers to disguise flaws completely.
This is a yellow toned corrector that i have in my kit and this helps disguise under eye circles and other types of pigmentation.
This is really creamy and this makes it easy to blend so it doesn't look so obvious. This also has the brightening factor which is perfect because a) it disguises the area and b) no one will really look at that area on your face.
I use this sometimes and every time i do it makes me look awake and refreshed. Once a concealer is used on top you do not see the yellow but it does work effectively alongside the concealer.
This helps keep the concealer on for longer and it is best for when a concealer is not enough.
(Phew! i have mentioned the word concealer alot in this post hehe)
If you would want to see a tutorial on how to use this corrector then do comment below and let me know :) 

Do you use any correctors? Do you feel that it makes a much bigger difference? 


  1. I love Kryolan products!

  2. I've been trying for so long to find a concealer that works! I have quite dark circles and when I've got foundation on, I can end up looking really really tired even with concealer! They just don't seem to work on me. That being said, I haven't actually tried a corrective concealer! I've never heard of Kryolan before but may have to try this product!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  3. @Irfan it is a great brand, really quality stuff :)

  4. @Christina L perfect! because a corrector really holds on to the concealer and if you do need to touch up on the concealer then you can :)

  5. Great background
    Cool note.
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