Friday, 1 March 2013

Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus MultiRadiance Moisturising Lotion - Review

Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus MultiRadiance Moisturising Lotion*

Courtesy of the Savvy circle project, as part of their current project i was sent this (Along with the new razor to match). I love Olay moisturisers and i knew that this would be a hit.
I love anything that can help boost radiance so this was perfect for me.
I use this as a base before applying my daily day make up and i felt that my skin has changed instantly. It not only makes you look all glowy but it also banishes dry skin that you may have and this allows my foundation to look more flawless.
The consistency is not too thick and it absorbs into the skin like a dream. It feels light and my skin felt instantly refreshed.
Like with all Olay creams this has the signature smell but if i had to describe it then I wouldn't know how, but am sure if you are a regular Olay user then you will understand what i am saying.
One of the advantages with this product is that is has a pump. This is more hygienic and saves you wasting any excess cream. For me one pump is enough to cover the whole surface of my face.
I truly recommend this to all, great for combination skin, light, instantly absorbed, says bye to dull skin and the pump finishes it off nicely.
Check it out here >> Dream Cream


  1. Ooh this does sound good xx

  2. oh this sounds perfect! I have extremely oily skin!

    Andrea xx

  3. @Beautyqueenuk :) be sure to try it out!

  4. @Andrea :) but what is great about this is that it is light but this may be a bit much for oily skin types, perhaps try a sample and see how it goes :)

  5. I have looked everywhere for it but can not find it. Do you maybe know a site I can order it on?

    1. I think this is not available anymore unfortunately because I use another daily face cream now, this was such a good cream though! no idea why it is discontinued :(


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