Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rimmel Blusher in Summer Fever - Review

Blushers are always a staple in my make up bag, I am forever finding and trying different brands. One of the blushers that i found to be great value for money and a dupe for more expensive blushers - This Rimmel blusher in the shade Summer Fever.
This is the first Rimmel blusher that i have tried and i was far from being disappointed. It is a brand that i never go for and i always walk past this whenever i am in Boots.
What intrigued me was the trio of colours that work harmoniously together to create the ultimate flushed cheeks.
In the compact there are two blushers and one highlighter. Since the highlighter is the lightest shade i am guessing that in this case it is the pink but i would actually use this as the blusher itself.
The reddy brown would be perfect to use for contouring and that is why i like this mini compact because you can either swirl the colours together and use it as a blusher, the shade becomes a deep mauve/pinky purple or you can use it as directed.
The blusher is shimmery but it does not contain any glitter. It blends well and the pigmentation is great for the price and trust me you do not need to use alot, so this product will probably last a long time.

Have you tried this blusher before? what are your views on it?


  1. @Andrea :) i agree, the pink is my fave though.

  2. I love Rimmel products.... thanks for sharing.


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