Monday, 11 March 2013

Soins experts Hydra Expert Cream - Review

Soins expert is a brand i have heard of before but i had never tried anything and since i got this in my Betrousse box,it was perfect timing.
 The cream is encased in a luxe feeling weighty glass jar and looks expensive too.
As stated on the website the HydraExpert Cream contains ceramides, essential fatty acids and Jojoba Oil.
Ceramides are used to maintain ideal moisture levels in the skin.
Essential fatty acids including Omega. The lack of Omega 3 is often associated with dry skin. Use of Expert Hydra Cream helps restore the balance Omega 3 / Omega 6, essential for proper tissue development and renewal.
Jojoba Oil regulates sebum production. It also has protective properties by creating a non-greasy film that preserves natural skin moisturising (against cold and drought).
Phew! that is alot to handle and i was intrigued with the outcome.
I already like how professional/expensive the product looks and it would look amazing on any dresser. The actual cream is thick but do not fret it does not have a greasy after feel and it sinks well into the skin making it feel moisturised and well looked after. 
I needed something to help my skin for the weather and especially if you live in the UK you would need to adapt according to it and i like how it helps against the cold.
It could be used as base before applying make up. I love the spa like scent and i know for some, scents can seem a bit daunting because it may not go well with other skin types or the scent is not liked but this is different and if i had be specific then i would describe it as a clean crisp meadow ^^
However this cream does come with a hefty price tag - £34. I suppose that you are paying for the brand and the ingredients. I do like this and i would reccomend this to all.


  1. wow! looks good and such a cute jar..

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