Friday, 15 March 2013

Spring Fling - Make up Collections 2013

Beautysets - Spring Fling - Make up collections 2013

Ahh Spring! One of my favourite seasons (not to forget Summer too!) where the Sun shines more (lucky if you are not in the UK) new flowers blossoming and life seems to have more colour and one of the reasons I love spring is because of the new make up collections that are released.
We have just come out of jewel/deep toned colours phase, the season of hot chocolates, layered scarves and a world that is so bare and somewhat dull but spring makes me happy because it means pastel colours, rabbits and daffodils (I usually associate spring with these things)
I have featured here four of my top favourite spring make up collections that have been released for this year.
I like how all the collections have a candy/pastel theme, the colours are not only great to look at but it also adds the perfect touch to any outfit by adding accents of colour... especially if you love wearing black (such as myself) ^^

Will you be purchasing any products from any of the collections? <3 


  1. Definitely want to purchase some of the pastel colours, so pretty!

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  2. I must be one of the few people who don't like pastels.. darker colours suit me more,

    I found you through the blog hop and now following :D

  3. @Alittlebitunique :) i agree, pastels are really pretty!

  4. @Lyndsey :) i am kind of the same but then i go through phases with colour and black lol thank you! ^^

  5. LOve this collage!:) and the hovering ice cream haha I really can't wait for spring!

    I don't know if you are into this! but I've nominated you for a versatile blogger award! :) Check out my post for the details

    Andrea xx

  6. @Andrea haha thank you! ^^ awww thanks once again i will check it out!

  7. I've seen a few products that I am looking at getting, they are some nudes and naturals. I'm pretty rigid in the products that I used because once I fall in love I usually don't stray but I'm looking forward to trying some new products. Found ya through the linkup! Happy Monday!

  8. The estee lauder collections look gorgeous!
    Found you via the bbloggers blog hop xx

  9. Cool post! I want it all! The YSL palette looks awesome and I would most likely purchase that as long as the shades were nicely pigmented. I have never tried YSL shadows before. I love Spring nail colors, soft pastels. I recently wrote a post about my favorite spring nail color picks and realized I have way too many lilac / lavender nail colors.
    I found your blog through Fun Size Beauty blog hop, so I am now following you through BlogLovin' since you requested that in your other post. I hope you'll take a look-see at my blog if you'd like. I feel so shy to ask b/c I don't want to come off not genuine.
    Also, awesome vibrant blog background!

  10. @Meesha Kaw i agree! hehe thank you for your kind words, dont worry i feel the same when i comment on other blogs but i will check out your blog :)

  11. Thanks Zara! I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. :-)

  12. I'm considering the YSL quad... Or maybe the Estée Lauder products. I'm loving the pastels in the greens this year.

  13. @Suzanne A. Minskey it is hard to choose since all of the brands have come up with such great collections hehe but the greens are great!


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