Tuesday, 16 April 2013

300 GFC Followers & First attempt at making cake pops!

Firstly I want to thank each and every reader/follower for making my follower count reach to 300! It only feels like I started blogging yesterday and I didn't know how many of you would actually read/follow what I have to say! means alot and thank you once again! I will try harder in posting daily like I used to and I have alot of beauty product reviews and a few miscellaneous items to review too! so stay tuned! ^^

It had been a while since I baked something and since I loved the UGG cake pop I thought why don't I attempt to make some cake pops?!
It looked fun and easy on other tutorials so I gave it a shot last Sunday, Sundays are my fave days where I chill, have some me time or bake because my weekdays are busy with work.
I thought to document the process and add it here. Cake pops look so much better than the traditional cupcake and you can be very creative with these too but since this was my first time I kept it simple with the cake being red velvet, the coating being milk chocolate and the sprinkles being crushed rainbow dots and chocolate strands.
I just could not wait to see the finished product and obviously decorating was the funnest part out of all of the steps.
I gave some to my friends to sample them and they seemed to love it but me being the perfectionist kept saying that the cake batter was a bit dry... but now I personally know what to improve on for next time.

Have you tried cake pops before? what are your views on them and do you know a good bakery that sells some decent tasting ones? I would love to know so please comment ^^ 


  1. Congratulations! The cake pops look so cute too x

  2. @Heather Mouse aww thank you! ^^

  3. the cake pops look amazing!

  4. Congratulations with the 300+ c:
    The cakepops looks good! Mhmm
    I love chocolate and sprinkles!


  5. @Ice Pandora AWW thank you so much ^^ hehe best combo ever!

  6. The cake pops look delicious! Great job!

  7. Congratulations dear!!
    Your cake pops turned out so nice!! They look yummy!!


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