Wednesday, 17 April 2013

EX1 Cosmetics - Post Preview And Overview Of The Brand.

It is time to rejoice... there is a new cosmetics brand that is targeted for Asian and Exotic skin tones AND at a high street price!!!
Normally we tend to go for M.A.C when we think of Asian and Exotic skin tones but the issue is the price because buying it each time and possibly buying two to mix is not exactly cheap.
Many struggle to find the exact match or just in general to find shades.
EX1 Cosmetics are a high street brand designed for Asian and Exotic skin tones. I think that they have noticed how pricey other brands can be and it is about time that more shades were developed and it is much more affordable too :)
This brand has already been featured in top magazines such as Asiana, Grazia and Cosmopolitan (there are many more publications but I just listed the popular ones)
The range also includes Compact Powders, Blushers, Under Eye Concealers and Mineral Powder Foundations which is fantastic! The range does look promising!
I received the liquid foundation, concealer and blusher that I will be testing out so do keep an eye out for those reviews. 

What are your views on finding the right shade of foundation? easy or hard? Comment below! ^^


  1. I've never heard of this brand. Where is it available for buying online?

  2. I have never heard of this brand before! Thanks for sharing!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Bloglovin Collective!

  3. I haven't heard of them but this is great news. I find it hard to match my skin-tone, I may be light skinned but I have yellow undertones and I find that light shades of foundation mask my undertones. The closest match I've found is shade 005 Lancome Idole ultra, xoxo.

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  5. @Suzanne i will include the link in my next post because i will be reviewing each item :)

  6. @Follow the ruels no problem ^^

  7. @Inez i have a similar problem and i also have yellow undertones and most foundations are pink toned :( but i am glad that EX1 exist! lol

  8. @Marie aww thank you! sure ^^ ishall head on over to your blog now :)


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