Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mini Toiletries & why I love them!

Beautysets - Mini's  intro check blog for full post

Mini cleansers that are great for long travels, great for on the plane too :) all you need to carry with it is a couple of cotton wool pads and you're good to go! 
Mini Primers, excellent to keep for those sudden night's out when you need your make up to stay put.
Handcreams are a must, I never leave without mine. The anti itch? great for abroad trips perhaps? damn those mosquitos!
These two minis are new, the antiac is used for acne and that odd pimple that chooses not to fade away!!! and the Weleda rose body wash which smells oh so floraly :)
Ahh the star duo! I have heard about these two but it is time to test these out and see what the fuss is all about!
NARS tinted moisturizer for when you don't feel like wearing much make up but need a little cover up and That gal face brightening primer... a must for everyone
Cute mini mascaras, I love the Giorgio Armani one ^^ Make up in a mini(fied) form... what's not to love?

Hope you enjoyed this post :) 


  1. I love both of the Ginvera products, mini's are great for testing products out and holidays, xoxo.

  2. I am a huge fan of Mini Products too, if I dont like them I can bin them xx

  3. Hi, thanks for joining the 'I love my post' blog hop which I'm co-hosting, loving your blog, now following u, would love for u to check out my blog


  4. @Inez that's great to hear! i still cannot wait to try it out :) i agree :)

  5. @Beautyqueenuk Yes, that is true because you don't feel like you have wasted anything :)

  6. @Aqeela aww thank you! ^^ i already do! and following you too :)


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