Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Amelia's Bath Bombs Lavender Heart Soap - Review

Lavender Heart Soap**

 Welcome to the first of many, Bathtime goodies that is! The lovely owner Jayme sent me a selection of products to try out from her online shop that is full of treats galore! Bath bombs, melts and so forth.
The first product review i have for you is the cute mini heart soap, this particular one is lavender scented and is handmade.
These mini soaps would make a great party favour or to keep as part of a collection (There are many soaps just like this one but in other colours/scents) It would really jazz up the bathroom!
What's not to love?
The soap lathers up really well and it left my hands feeling squeaky clean with a delicate scent of lavender, though when you actually smell the soap it smells more concentrated like a full field of fresh lavender.
I love how it was packaged too! looking like sweets, making it a popular choice for the younger audience out there.

All of this and it is only 0.49p check it out here


  1. Wow, I bet this smells amazing. Lavender is one of my favourite scents xx


  2. wow these look really cute

  3. @beautyqueenuk the scent was mighty for a mini thing like this lol a very calming scent

  4. @Stacey Kane ^^ i totally agree

  5. @Joanna Victoria :) mega cute right?

  6. Those are really cute! And that's cheap for soap. Have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  7. That is awesome for soap! I need some! :) Found you through the blog hop link up thing. I am glad I did! I love your blog. Following you!

    Follow back @

  8. @heidi :) i agree to that! aww you too!

  9. @Cayli Johnson :) i have linked the page so you can check it out :) aww thank you so much! I shall :)


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