Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pearmazing Bath Cake From Amelia's Bath Bombs - Review

This is the first bath cake that I have ever used and I was far from being disappointed.
It is a bath bomb because it fizzes and the ingredients are similar but it looks more flat then the perfect spherical shape of a bomb so maybe that's why it is called a bath cake.This was a HUGE one and it was bigger than my palm. I decided to cut it in half and trust me, half of this is more than enough!
This bath cake has pear essential oils and it really does smell like a juicy pear, though pears have a slight scent this smelt more enhanced. But it did not smell artificial in any way because you could tell straight away if it did, luckily the scent stayed in the limit. All in all the scent is great, I loved it :)
When you look at the bath cake it has two colours, a deep pinky purple and white. as a combination it works well and it is visually pretty too. I like how the colour doesn't coordinate with the scent because when you normally think of pears you would think of light green shades.
Watching this fizz away was a magnificent sight! Though it happened very quickly I tried my best to capture each stage of bath cake fizzing away, my favourite image is the last one where it looked like pink ombré bath water :) 
This made my bath water turn into a beautiful candy pink shade and the scent of pears was still there, I loved this bath cake! 
It is so worth the £2.25!!! because you can half this and save the other one for later so it's like having two bath cakes for the price of one! Another winner from Amelia's Bath Bombs and it is available here

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