Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rings and Tings Jewellery* - Review

Rings and Tings is an online store that sells cheap but chic jewellery, everything from statement rings to vintage style bags. I personally love the website and am sure you all will too ^^
I was sent three pieces to review and I was excited to see what was going to be sent to me because it was a kind of a lucky dip situation where I didn't know what I was going to receive but luckily I liked all of the pieces and it is something that I would wear on a daily basis.
Rings and Tings have also been featured in top publications such as Teen Vogue, Glamour and even on the fashion website Fashiolista.

First product that I received was this ring - Vintage Wing Ring. When I first initially saw this I thought no way am I going to wear this, I am not into the whole 3D statement jewellery but then once I wore it I started to grow a liking towards it. It has a unique look to it and it is far from the average looking ring. If you are into the whole angel wing thing then I do think that this is for you. I do however like the tarnished gold look and since the ring was quite small it only fitted well on my ring finger, you could also wear it as a knuckle ring.

The second item that I received was this bracelet - Pyramid Studs With Spike Woven Bracelet. I think that this is my favourite out of all of the three items, It is something I would and of course do wear. Great to pile up with neon woven bracelets to create the ultimate arm candy or can be worn alone for a minimalist look. It is adjustable so there is no issue on it not fitting properly. I like how there is a random gold spike added to one side of the bracelet and that it is two tonal with the silver and gold together.

The last product I received was this necklace - Love Necklace.
I love simple necklaces, the ones that look dainty and simple. This one is slightly longer and can look great on it's own or layered up with other necklaces.
I love how there is a pearl embedded on the letter 'o' and the little dangly diamond charm at the end of 'e' I think that this makes the necklace seem more interesting than the standard ones that just have 'love' written on it. It's a very light piece and would look great with anything you wear.

I liked the jewellery from Rings and Tings because it is so affordable, there is something to match everyone's taste and they sell quite a range of items and not just jewellery.
Have you ever ordered anything from Ring and Tings? or will you be ordering anything? I would love to know! 
Check out Rings and Tings here


  1. Loove the studded necklace! I'd probs do way too much damage if I owned that winged ring though ahah.


  2. My favourite has to be the bracelet, I love studs and spiked accessories :) I also really like the length of your necklace too xx

  3. I liked the love necklace! Now following you from life on lakeshore drive blog hop, I invite you to visit my blog ♥ from México :)

  4. Would love for you to share this at my link up where we pin all those who join to our link party board

  5. Oh wow. I love the ring.
    I found your blog through the "Meet me on the bright side" Beauty Blog Hop. Really enjoy it. I'll make sure to follow. :)

    x Linda

  6. @mylushboxbarbz hahaha true! it can seem to cause damage but its fine, its not pointy at all lol

  7. @Gemma T I agree i am also still into the studs and spikes :)

  8. @pablaencasa aww thank you! I will check out your blog soon!

  9. @Leslie ooo i would love too!


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