Sunday, 19 May 2013

Visionary Soap Company Geranium Rose Bath Melt - Review

Visionary Soap Company Geranium Rose Bath Melt*

I have reviewed this item before but I received another one from a friend who does not like the scent, so she ended up giving this one to me. I thought that I should re review this because last time I did not take any snaps of it in the bath, this should help you see clearly what your bath will look like once the bath melt has melted.
This bath melt is a mixture of fairtrade certified shea butter, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, pelargonium graveolens and organic rose petals. When you throw the bath melt in the bath or under warm running water, the shea butter melts and disperses in the water, along with the essential oils and it looks as if you've sprinkled the rose petals in the water (it is only a little bit but I would of preferred it if there were many more petals), The water is fragranced perfectly and looks lush too!
 The bath melts are soft and crumbly so each bath melt can be halved and can be used twice. Though I personally would not because it is already so small so to achieve the full experience you would rather pop the whole melt in the bath. 
Using this in the bath was so relaxing and it made my skin feel so soft and moisturised.
The bath melt contains 37% fairtrade ingredients and the minimal requirement to be certified is a mere 5% so they are well above the recommended. 
Have you tried this before? What are your views on the bath melt?

For a bag of 6 bath melts, the price is £9.95.
Here is the link - Bath melts


  1. haha "DO NOT EAT" it looks like a huge cookie dough ball though haha
    This product looks amazing! thanks for the tip I might will try it if I should find it somewhere!

    And also hi :) I'm finally back to blogging! You might want to say hi

    Andrea xx

  2. i've never tried this before but it looks so interesting! i'd definitely love to try it out one day

  3. sounds glorious! its always good to buy fair trade too <3 <3

  4. @Andrea hahahaa i agree! lol that's handmade for ya lol check out the link :)

  5. @Stephanie :) if you love roses you'll love this :) check out the link below :)

  6. @Jessica i agree, i try my best to be more conscious of my products


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