Monday, 10 June 2013

FrontCover Mono Eyeshadow In The Shade Caramel* - Review

Welcome to the last in the Front Cover series, These eyeshadows are my personal favourite.
I already own a mono eyeshadow from Front Cover brand in the shade Twinkling Gold and if you want to check out the review, it is available here - link
I love this shade, it is the ultimate bronzey caramel I have ever seen.
What I love about these eyeshadows is the baked texture, when you run your fingers through the eyeshadow it is very smooth yet dry at the same time.
This lil dome of eyeshadow delivers a great amount of pigmentation, in the swatch above it is without a primer! :O But I would reccomend using a primer so you can achieve more depth in the colour.
This is a shimmery shade unlike the gold eyeshadow this does not have any fall out, which is great. The eyeshadow just sticks to the brush and when applied to the lids I did not see any powder mishap.
This shade would look great with black for a smokey eye with a twist. It's great to experiment with such shades because it is so much more wearable then say a turquoise blue shade.
For the day time it can sweeped across the eye lid and for the night time it can be used as part of a smokey.
A winner! Definitely worth the price :) A little goes a long way with this lil gem.
Check it out here - link
Have you used Front Cover eyeshadows before? and what are your views on it?
Comment below! ^^


  1. Like the colour, though it isn't for me xx

  2. what a gorgeous color! I need and eyeshadow like this for prom :) I might will buy it


  3. @beautyqueenuk aww but do not worry if you do want to check out this eyeshadow, front cover do an array of colours for everyone.

  4. @Andrea Lang :) This will be great for prom! you can even do a subtle smokey eye too :)


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