Monday, 24 June 2013

L'Oreal Glam Shine Reflexion Lipgloss In Sheer Papaya* - Review

I have always loved L'Oreal lipglosses because of that scrummy scent and of course the quality of the gloss and the colour payoff.
This is the new range which is entitled glam shine reflexion and this is the product description.

'Non-sticky, moisturising gloss with reflective mirror shine. The patented heart shaped wand makes application precise and effortless. A luscious mirror shine for dazzling lips - let your glam shine through'

Personally I love this shade, it is a beautiful coral/orange shade and it delivers the right amount of tint to the lips without looking too overdone.
Though this is a glitzy gloss it does not feel gritty on the lips but the heart shape wand helps the application to be precise and once applied it gives an amazing shine to the lips and so the description fits the lipgloss well.
The scent is scrummy so you will not be disappointed there.
I love the name 'sheer papaya' as it really matches the shade. I do not own any orange/coral shade in lipglosses or lipsticks but this is a safer version so if anyone out there wants to wear this colour it can be worn without hesitation.
The wear lasts longer than a traditional lipgloss but you do need to reapply every now and then so keeping this in your bag would be ideal and since the size is small it can even fit in your clutch bag for nights out.

It is definitely a non sticky lipgloss which is great and it moisturises the lips well. I like the fact that it gives the illusion of fuller lips because it is that shiny it almost does look like a mirror shine.

I cannot see a fault in this product, I would recommend this for sure.
Check it out here - link


  1. This looks so cute! I love lip glosses :) xxx

  2. @nikki :) I agree. It is a lovely lil one that would great in any collection.

  3. Lovely colour xx

  4. @beautyqueenuk i agree and i don't normally like orangey shades :)


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