Sunday, 2 June 2013

Monthly Favourites - May 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been taking advantage of this rare warm weather and going out with my other half and some good old friends and travelling all over Birmingham. I found myself coming back home in the early hours just because we all need a break away from things and of course to create new memories from the fun things that we did :) 

Welcome to another monthly favourites, the May edition :)

First up is the Bare Minerals Foundation, Although I have already featured this in my March favourites, This had to be re featured simply because it is the BEST mineral foundation I have ever used. It has improved my skin's condition as well. Expect nothing less then perfect airbrushed skin that looks flawless and I do not need to use powder or touch up in the day, Lasts long and you can even sleep in it too!

Next up is the Ginvera BB cream, this is worth the hype! Perfect for summer days when you do not need to put alot of make up on, it gives this nice dewy finish to the skin which I am loving at the moment.

For the eyes I have chosen the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner pen, you can achieve the ultimate cat eye within seconds, this pen lets you control the lining of the eyes and boy does this last long! I have worn it for the whole day and there were no smudges, pigmentation is great too.

First product for the lips is the Balm Balm lip balm in Tea Tree, I love the scent and most importantly it soothes chapped/dry lips, essential for the long summer days.

The last product is the L'Oreal Glam Shine Miss Candy Lipgloss simply because I have fallen in love with this again, Gives the pinkiest nude colour to the lips, smells delish and it has become a daily lipgloss for me now since it looks natural. I would prefer this over a bold lip colour any day.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites for this month, What have you been enjoying throughout the month of May? Comment below.


  1. I agree with the BB Cream, I love it.... And Balm Balm is on my wish list xx

  2. The ginvera BB cream is my favourite. x

  3. @ED I definitely recommend it to all <3

  4. @beautyqueenuk :) it's lovely! Balm Balm is also a lovely product! better then vaseline any day!

  5. @Bright town girl :) I agree it's fantastic :)


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