Monday, 22 July 2013

Fair Naturally Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser* - Review

I am still currently going through so many products that came in beauty boxes and I swear it never ends! I just keep discovering more and more to review, Who else agrees on that?!
Right so I have here the Fair Naturally Mango and Safflower body moisturiser and this is definitely ideal for the current weather we are in (especially the UK)
I actually received this in a Betrousse box and I wanted to share my thoughts on this.
I have seen the Fair Naturally brand before but I have never used anything from it so this is a first.
Firstly I need to state that once you open this you have to be VERY careful because the lotion is so runny! and it may cause a few (or many) accidents so steer clear of applying alot.

Here is what it says on the website about this lotion...

Deeply nourish and moisturise your skin with our luxurious Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser, made with Fairtrade Mango Extract & Cane Sugar, which are known for their conditioning and moisturising properties. This subtle body moisturiser leaves your skin feeling irresistibly soft, smooth and nourished.

I agree it did infact leave my skin feeling soft and moisturised and this did not feel sticky and I didn't have to wait around for it to be fully absorbed, it was quick and very light to use.
The scent is amazing, it does smell natural and not artificial at all :) Who doesn't love the smell of ripe mangoes... and then my mind started to drift away in thought... palm trees, sandy beaches, coconut water at hand, dancing sea blue waves but then reality kicks in and you realise that you are writing a product review (sorry guys! hehe)
The smell lingered on and considering the price, it is really worth it!
Another plus about this product and this brand is that it is Organic, fair trade and made in the UK too!

You get quite alot of lotion for the price, it only costs a mere £3.99 for a 200ml, I quite liked this and I would love to try more scents in this brand!
Check it out here - link  and it is available to buy here - link

Have you tried this before? Comment your thoughts below ^^


  1. great review! lovely posts xx

  2. @Jessica aww thank you! ^^

  3. @Betzy :) do check out the links if you would like to try it out :)


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