Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pur Minerals 'Beautiful Creatures' Part 2 - Eyeliner in Black Magic & Lipgloss in Lust* - Review and Swatches

So earlier I posted a review on the Pur Minerals 'Beautiful Creatures' eyeshadow palette and these were the two products that were also included in the kit but I chose to review it separately because I wasn't too pleased with this duo.
The eyeliner comes off quite pigmented but it smudges so much so to me this is pretty use less, I might find a use for it but am not sure as of yet.
The lipgloss is actually a pretty colour but it turned out to be so sheer that it actually looks like a clear gloss rather than the lovely light pink that it is supposed to be. The wear time is good on this one though and lasts long due to it's sticky like texture, What I did not like the most was the smell and it smelt of pure plastic. YIKES! 
Such a shame to add these with the eyeshadows which were of decent quality.
Maybe it is not a good idea to buy make up in a kit form because the products included may be flawed and will probably be binned.

Quite a shocking review don't ya think?!

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