Friday, 19 July 2013

Pur Minerals 'Beautiful Creatures' Eyeshadow Palette* - Review

My cat happened to sit right next to me while the pics were being taken LOL

I am quite familiar with Pur Minerals cosmetics now and I seem to like certain products from the brand. I received this as a press gift and this is actually based on the 'Beautiful Creatures' book and film so Pur minerals teamed up with Warner Bros to release this exclusive set that is inspired by the film.There is also an eyeliner and a lipgloss but I decided to review that separately because I think that the eyeshadow palette deserves it's own credit.
But before I get into the review I need to say that this is sadly NOT available in the UK, I will add links at the end of the review so that if you are from the U.S you can easily find it (lucky you!)
The eyehadow palette has an array of colours to choose from, subtle looks can be created for the day and the darker shades can be used to intensify smoky eyes :)
What I found with these colours is that once swatched it looked different compared to how it looks on the pan, I guess it shows up slightly warmer in tone.
I love the variety of shades that are available on the palette, from the muted taupes to the rich plums. There is a colour to suit everyone's taste.
What I found with these shadows is that you can pair them and once blended together it creates a natural transition.
The eyeshadows are fairly pigmented and the swatches that you can see above is without a primer so imagine the colour pay off if used with a primer.
I also like the texture too, not to chalky or crumbly but really soft and blends like a dream.
Sometimes I find that when brands produce palettes of eyeshadows or lip colours, they aren't quite up to the standard of their regular products. However I wouldn't call this palette inferior by any means.

I like this, ALOT and this does contain unique shades that I do not own already so this is great to add to my collection :)

I couldn't seem to find the palette at Ulta but it is available at Pur minerals and it is retailing for $29 - link
If you do know any other places that stock this then do let me me know in the comment section so that i can link it up for everyone :)

Have you tried this palette before? 


  1. Love the colours in this palette.


  2. @Betzy :) I'll have to agree on that ^^

  3. @katie me too! and that it covers day to night colours so it's all in one palette :)

  4. Wow this palette looks amazing!! :)

  5. @Emilythinks It is comparable to the naked palette because you can really create so many day to night looks :)


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