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Festival Fashion With New Look And What To Pack In Your Toiletry Bag ♥✌

Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look

Festivals are not really my thing but I thought that I should cater for all of my followers who do actually like festivals.
I want to share with you a timeline (above) which showcases the evolution of festival fashion.
It starts off in 1969 with the hippy trend, think tie die and head bands. Peace and love! The festival which is known for this era was Woodstock and the music genre was rock.
In 1976 the style changed to punk. chains, piercings and denim. The genre for music was also punk and the festival that happened for this year was the 100 club special in London!
Next up 1985, 80's style and music were seen at the live aid festival also in London. When I think of the 80's I think of fluorescent colours, netting and backcombed hair. Crazy when it is all put together.
Here come the 90's and in 1992 the fashion and genre of music was grunge and this would be seen at Reading, which currently still takes place today.
In 1996 the style changed again with mid/late 90's clothing and the music genre was Brit Pop. This was all seen at the V festival which will be taking place soon this month.
2004 now and the style and music genre was indie/bohemium, this would have to be my personal favourite because I liked the style of clothing since it's not too edgy/punky. The festival for this era was the Isle of Wight.
2006 saw indie/new rave style, bright neon colours! genre of music was new rave too, this took place at the festival bestival in Isle of Wight.
2008 took another turn into the urban side of things with urban clothing and hip hop as the genre of music and the festival to be at for this time was Glastonbury.
Lastly 2011 had a urban style with dubstep as the genre of music, the festival was Creamfields in Liverpool.
It's amazing to see how each era changed and along with the music the fashion changed too!

Here are four looks that New look have put together to show the essence of some of the eras. The first one is entitled hip hop honey, the next one is grunge girl, then we have the boho chic (which is my fave and lastly there is the glamour girl. In the slideshow click on each of the girls to see the pieces of inspiration that New Look has put together so that you can achieve the look that suits your liking.

What I like about festivals is that you have to downsize your toiletries and essentially you need to look for multi-use products so I am going to share with you my top picks so that it can help you to pack cleverly and practically.

So I have put together the essentials on what I think you need to pack for those long summer festival days (and nights even)...
First up dry shampoo! Is a must to quickly revive the hair and to add volume too :)
Multi use products are best for these situations since you limit the amount you take with you and this results to a lighter bag! Yay so I chose the Me Me Me boho balm because it has two products in one, a lip colour and a cream blusher! perfect for touch ups and to add colour to the face.
If you don't want colour and you prefer the au naturel look then don't forget to pack a lip balm, the ones I like are the EOS/Balmi ones which not only smell good but you can also clip these onto your keychain or necklace for an easy reach.
Skincare samples in sachets are the best for these situations, this has no weight at all so you could take as many as you like.
Deodorant is a must... pretty self explanatory this one! ^^
Anti bacterial handgel!!! this is compulsory for those grubby areas and you do not have to stick to the 'hospital' scented ones you can get amazing scented ones from the bath and body works so keep a few with you.
Baby wipes are an essential to wipe away make up quickly and if you do happen to have a make up cleanser then do not forget to pack a couple of cotton pads too :)
A travel sized toothbrush with toothpaste, another self explanatory one ^^
A blot powder or a matte powder is great to combat shine and to ensure that you look great in every photo!
Lastly to look all glowy and sunkissed take your favourite bronzer :)

That's it guys, hope you enjoyed this post, Hope the 'what to take' part helps you to decide what to take :)
Have fun and be safe if you are attending any festivals :)


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