Thursday, 22 August 2013

Impulse And Models Own beauty design challenge ♥ Unboxing the Inspiration Box And Behind The Scenes Snaps (You will understand if you own a cat)

Impulse has teamed up with Models Own to launch limited edition fragrance and nail polish sets. The brand new limited edition Impulse & Models Own collection features three everyday scents including Sweet Smile, Very Pink and Very Very Pink.
 Each scent is accompanied by its very own Models Own nail polish and a mini four way nail file and buffer. 
Impulse Sweet Smile, an exotic scent featuring fruity notes of pear, mandarin and jasmine, has been paired with a tropical splash of Models Own nail polish in Coral Reef.
 Impulse Very Pink, a sparkling blend of pink grapefruit fragrance with a sweet base of vanilla, is teamed with Models Own Gun Grey varnish.
 Impulse Very Very Pink, a deep blend of bitter orange and white wood, is matched with Models Own Utopia, a dusky pink shade.
The brand new Impulse and Models Own packs are available now at Superdrug and Asda for a limited period from September, priced £4 which is totally worth it! 

I was extremely excited when I saw the massive package and I opened it in such a hurry that I forgot to photograph the bow which was wrapped perfectly, I re made the bow so that you get the general idea and my cat seemed to love the whole unboxing process as much as I did ^^

The ribbon makes a good toy...
I was basically sent a inspiration box for me to create my own design on the blank Impulse bottle. I was sent some stick on diamantes, cute pink pearlised hearts, pink flower diamantes  and a piece of silver lace but I didn't have to stick to what was supplied in the box I was allowed to use anything else really so then I went out to buy some new crafty bits and some PVA glue too :)
I love me some creativity projects.
I was also given a nail wheel for the nail varnish swatches (review on that will be in a separate post, very soon!)
The main products though was the three Impulse fragrances accompanied by the matching Models Own Nail polishes, three different shades and also with that came colour co ordinated 4 way nail files, very handy indeed!
I also wanted to share with you snaps of my cat and what happens when you try to photograph something that was sent to you and your cat suddenly decides to photobomb and/or play with your stuff.
I am still working on the actual design but I will upload that soon along with a separate review of the nail varnishes.

Wish me luck! <3


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