Monday, 12 August 2013

Latest Nail Trend - Cuticle Tattoos ❦

Nail trends are always ongoing and I have lost count on the amount of nail art polishes that are out there.
This is the latest trend to take the beauty world by storm! - Cuticle Tattoos
These are temporary of course and this sits below the cuticle area. This helps to contrast or highlight your nail colour and this is great for those who are into body art and/or if you do not want to commit to getting a real tattoo.
Rad nails are the people behind this trend. They are an American e-tailer that ships worldwide.
These cost $6 and for us Brits £3.90.
These work just like normal press on tattoos, they just need water for the design to stick.
You either Love or hate this trend, I personally love this alot! since it really does make your basic polish stand out. If this all seems too much for you then you can try out the half moon manicure which looks just as nice.

Check out the hype here - link
Seems to be popular because every design is sold out apart from one!!!
What do you think of this trend? Love it? or is it a tad too much? I would love to know! ^^


  1. This looks so cool :) I definitely want to try these out!


  2. Cute nails !

  3. I'm an artist and this looks really interesting :) I'd love to give it a try! It's so simple as well, just add water. I can never be bothered to fart around with my nails, usually its just a simple plain colour for me.

    Amyloo xx

  4. Very very cute! Looks challenging to do though for me. hehe... :)

  5. I haven't heard of this nail art before! but it actually looks great! I will try it! :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

  6. @grace :) it looks so fun and easy to do too!

  7. @sara it all looks great, the tattoos actually add to the basic nail colours :)

  8. @melissa i don't have a steady hand but these could help if you want to add a lil something extra :)

  9. @amyloosworld well then this sounds perfect for you! :)

  10. @meesha :) it's very simple just like those temporary tattoos we all used to use, just use water to transfer them :)

  11. @fashionably sparkly that sounds fab! do send a link if you do happen to share it! :)

  12. @ellie glad you like em! I think it is quite a good new trend :)


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