Saturday, 28 September 2013

Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Creme Eyeshadow In Vinyl Black // Review & Swatches

Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer Sheer Creme Eyeshadow In Vinyl Black RRP £15 // I got it for a £1!!!
The gems you find in Poundland though...
I have been seeing alot of these CK eyeshadows on loads of my favourite blogs so I had to buy one (or possibly three)
The first one I bought was this gorgeous black shade, I had no idea how this product was going to be and when I got home and swatched it I said to myself I need to purchase more!!! (then in the next couple of days I bought two more in brown shades, one is a copper shade and the other a deeper brown)
This is a dupe for the Maybelline's color tattoo but this one is the pricier version (if bought at the RRP)
It is quality not quantity with this product because you only get 2.5 grams worth of product which in reality is not alot, but with this a little goes a VERY long way.
The product description basically says that this resists creasing or fading and it delivers high impact colour with a very good longevity.
These are basically cream eyeshadows that have a nice mousse like consistency which is very lightweight and the finish is fantastic.
You can build up the colour but with this one you do not need to because it is that pigmented!
The black has no shimmer but it has this 'wet look' which I am loving, You could also use this as a gel eyeliner, I am yet to try it out with an angled brush. I am loving the versatility of this product!
The staying power is really commendable because it kind of did leave a stain and this was what made me go out to purchase more shades.
Though Calvin Klein is pricier the actual containers are made of plastic and not glass which can raise a few eyebrows but the plastic is of high quality and the weight of the overall product is so light so maybe the product developer had this in mind? after all our make up bags do tend to get heavy (If you like to pack your whole life in there like I do)
Another thing that I liked about these eyeshadows is that when you open the lid there is a seal. This itself has many advantages, one being that you are reassured that nobody has used there fingers to test the product and two this keeps the product from remaining at it's best.

All in all I really loved this product and I do recommend this! 
If you have already tried this then I would love to know what you thought about it :)


  1. Oh wow! In Poundland? Need to get my arse down there, pronto!



  2. Thanks for recommending this post! I'm now really intrigued by the wet look description because I'm always trying to achieve this with cream shadows, but find most of them dry to a powder finish - TUT! Looking forward to trying them today now!


  3. @thestylerawr no problem! ^^ cannot wait to read your review! :) I really liked mine, hope you like yours too!


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