Tuesday, 10 September 2013

GlamGlow Mud Mask* - Review

GlamGlow Mud Mask* //Prices vary
I have for you the most talked about face mask that is popular amongst top celebrities. 
Boy! Was I excited to try this out!

What it says:
“The Glam Glow tingling and exfoliating mud mask for super sexy super radiant skin”
Designed as a 10 minute anti ageing facial in a jar for behind the scenes use in Hollywood’s entertainment, music, fashion and award industries, for immediate camera ready glowing skin.
Also vegan and free from parabens
Delivers noticeable 3 day glow from skin collagen synthesis, helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, leaves skin brighter, smooth and soft, multilevel resurfacing exfoliation evens out skin tone, helps tighten skin and minimise pores, absorbs impurities without removing natural oils, helps protect against free radical damage.

Now that is ALOT to live up to and I had to put it to the test.
I adore the black and silver packaging, it is very unique looking and very informative too.
Even though the pot I reviewed was small (9M), the product was still filled up to the brim.
As you can see by the colour, it goes on a deep greyish green but it dries to very pale grey.

It even contains flecks of little green tea leaves (how nice!)
This mask is not smooth in texture because it is a exfoliating one so you have to be careful whilst applying this, just smooth it over your face and do not rub or massage it in.
The mask is quite thick so you do not need alot, just enough for a thin layer.

This has a scrummy herbal scent and I could detect the scent of green tea in this ^^
You will start to feel a tingling sensation and this is just the mask working it's magic to transform your skin into a much fresher and a more renewed complexion.
I found this mask really easy to remove, I used a muslin cloth to gently exfoliate whilst removing the mask.

I was impressed, My skin looked alot brighter and felt amazingly softer too!
I will definitely save this mask for days when I feel my skin needs a bit more than TLC or for a special occasion. I honestly think that this is a miracle worker!
My complexion tightened up too (not the uncomfortable tightness but the good tightness)
I also had some imperfections and bumps on the surface of my skin and that seemed to have said goodbye! ^^

I can understand why the price is sooo steep but hey! am sure a (little) treat is allowed sometimes right?! ;)

Check it out here
Have you tried this before? Comment below! <3

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