Friday, 11 October 2013

Burt's Bees Tips And Toes Kit* - Review

Sets like these are great, It is perfect for when you are trying out a brand for the first time. I have always wanted to try Burt's Bees but I was so indecisive! I wanted to try it all! I have heard ALOT about their lipbalms and it was on my wishlist to try out but I just could not decide what product to try out first.
I chose this because you get to try a bit of everything and the sample sizes are so handy for on the go.
My first experience using Burt's Bees was amazing! This kit will have your hands and feet feeling renewed and moisturised, The scents are amazing and the ingredients are very natural so you do not need to worry about any artificial stuff here.
You get six mini products to test and play around with so that is a plus.

Here is a list of what you get in the kit:
1x Lemon butter cuticle cream 8.5g
1x Hand salve 8.5g
1x Full sized lipbalm, replenishing with pomegranate oil
1x Almond Milk beeswax hand cream 7g
1x Thoroughly therapeutic honey & grapeseed oil hand cream 20g
1x Coconut foot cream 20g

I'll start off by talking about my most favourite product from this kit and it is the Almond milk beeswax hand cream. The packaging is so cute and this has a permanent place on my desk, this is what I reach out to the most when my hands need TLC, perfect for winter because my hands get really dry and the consistency of this cream is fabulous! It is very thick and creamy so you do not need to use alot. You may feel that this pot is very tiny but trust me if you use alot of this then your hands feel start to feel greasy and am sure no one wants that. This smells divine too! It has a almondy/marzipan scent which makes it very scrummy indeed.

Next up, the hand salve. This is a very nourishing balm but it is on the greasier side. This one smells very herbal and it's not something that I particularly liked in this kit. Like I said I would prefer to try something in a sample size so that if I didn't like it, it wouldn't be such a loss. I won't be reaching out to this anytime soon. 

The lemon butter cuticle cream is a product that I am loving more and more of, this instantly moisturises and renews my cuticles and nails. Perfect before bed time so that it can get to work while you sleep. Another scrummy scent and this reminds me of those lemon drop sweets ^^ I have been seeing a huge improvement on my cuticles and nails so this is worth checking out!

I have always neglected my feet (bad i know!) so this coconut foot cream has really helped the dryness too. What I do is I massage this in and wear some fluffy socks before bed and when I wake up my feet feels moisturised and it keeps dry skin at bay. This scent is also scrummy and it smells like minty coconut ^^ I will make sure to take care of my feet and look into more foot creams.

I finally get to try the hyped up lipbalm that everyone has on their wishlist or that everyone has tried and loved. This is beyond amazing! Ever since I have started using this I have had no, I repeat NO chapped lips!!! I apply this whenever I can and even before bed and this really helps moisturise and hydrate my lips. This is so lightweight and it does not feel greasy at all. I have never smelt the scent of pomegranate and this smells lovely, I wouldn't know how to describe it but I do think it's a winner! I can understand why these lip balms are so hyped and loved by many.

Lastly the honey and grapeseed handcream, this is another hand cream that I enjoyed trying and that is because it is light and creamy. It does not feel greasy and this was absorbed right away. The scent is actually quite nice and light. This one will be used on the go because of it's fast absorbing properties and because you do not want to spend time fanning your hands in public because that would seem very weird! ^^

I think that this is the PERFECT kit to try out, something special for your hands and feet and this makes a good treat for pamper evenings. This can also be a great gift idea! These products have changed the way my hands and feet feel. We often neglect our hands and feet so this kit is perfect to try out and these products have nothing but natural ingredients and vitamin enriched oils so you know you are using the best. I cannot wait to try out more Burt's Bees products!

Have you tried this kit or tried any of the products in full size? What do you think? Comment below I would love to know :) 
Check it out here - link


  1. Looks so lovely !

  2. Ahh what a nice box filled with nice goodies c:
    Great for the upcoming winter I think! Xx

  3. @sara :) everything from burts bees is awesome

  4. @icepandora i so agree! need to stock up on the lotions and potions!


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