Thursday, 17 October 2013

Exclusive Preview Of The Marc b Cosmetic Bags Range* - Review

You can never have enough cosmetic bags... I was kindly sent an exclusive cosmetic bag set from Marc b that is yet to be launched (soon). As part of their Christmas gift range, Marc b have designed cosmetic bags to add to their already successful bag line. Marc b is available at Topshop and I am loving the look of these bags! 

I literally fell in love with this gold and black cosmetic bag. It is reasonably sized and it has the most gorgeous gold hardware that really compliments the sleek black bag. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have so much love for gold hardware, it makes every product look finished and high end. The shiny black PU leather is adorned with a gold plaque that states the brand name 'Marc b London' it certainly looks classy. Other gold hardware that is attached onto the bag is a cute removable gold heart charm which you can attach onto your handbag or to your keychain ^^ and also attached to the gold zip is another adornment with a black PU leather strap,this makes it easier to open the bag. Once opened you see a beautiful leopard print which is known to be the signature print lining of all of the bags by Marc b. Do not worry if any stain(s) occur because on the label inside it reassures us that it is wipe able with a damp cloth. You can also find a stitched on label inside which gives the product a more pricier feel.

As you can see I have already transferred my make up items into the bag ^^ who could wait? It is so roomy that I could add more products. It can be used as a toiletry bag but I think for me personally I have found THE bag to store my daily make up in. You can see by the picture that it is very roomy so if you happen to use alot of make up for your daily routine then you should definitely consider this bag <3

Opening the black bag I found another cute bag, a much smaller sized one and in pure gold ^^
These bags come in sets because it matches the black and gold theme.
This bag has one attachment to the zip and though it is minimal and simple it still looks just as nice though it isn't a statement bag like the black one.
Though the bags are made from 100% PU (Poly synthetic leather) it seems to be quite durable and this material is known for being water proof and it can be easily maintained (yay) perfect for cosmetic bags because in time there may be spillages but atleast it can be easily dealt with. The exterior looks really shiny and that's what makes it so appealing too. I love how it looks and feels like genuine leather. You can still enjoy quality looking products but without the hefty price tag! It doesn't look cheap and tacky like PVC material and I steer clear from those types of bags.

You can even see in the gold bag that I have put in my make up so you can judge the amount of space available. I even find that this one takes decent amounts of items. I think the shape of the bag really helps, being a semi circle shape can really help you to add more products :)
I honestly think that these make up bags by Marc b are really decent and these bags would make fabulous gift ideas for the organised person in your family to an absolute make up lovers. It can be for anyone (even yourself)
I am not sure of the prices but judging by the bags it should be around the £15 - £30+ mark because the craftsmanship that has gone into these bags is brilliant.

These bags will be launching on the 18th of October 2013 which is a day away! so make a note on your calender/diary for this launch, definitely something NOT to be missed!

Check out the Marc b Website here - link

What do you think of these cosmetic bags? Have you bought a product by Marc b? Comment below <3


  1. It looks very elegant ! Love the cheetah print on the inside

  2. looks nice but i prefer cheap makeup bags from primark, i always end up getting them filthy so these would be no good for me! thanks for sharing :) xx

  3. Ive always loved the leopard print lining of the Marc B bags!! Do you think they're worth the price??

  4. @betzy :) i didn't expect it so it was a nice surprise :)

  5. @beautyqueenuk :) i totally agree!

  6. @beckyboo :) aww no problem!

  7. @jyoti i definitly do! it's like a slice of affordable luxury :)


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