Thursday, 3 October 2013

Glamour Girls Shimmer Powder =^^= - Review

How cute is this lil girly set? Is it alright to say that I only bought this because I wanted that retro looking powder puff?
Although I will not be using this to apply my face powder, It sure makes a good keepsake item.
I didn't think the pink shimmer powder was that special until I swatched it...
OH MY! It is the most prettiest pink shimmer powder that I have ever seen! I would describe this as a 'Barbie' pink with a huge amount of tiny silver glitter particles =^^=
I actually wore this as a blusher and this looked amazing! 
You only need a little to achieve rosy cheeks and I love how the silver glitter catches the light.
Surprisingly it lasted long and though this may seem sparkly, this isn't that 'discoball' crazy. The pink and silver work together well and it would compliment every skin tone.
This is so pigmented and I am so glad to have picked this up.
This is what makes buying unknown brands exciting because you do not know how the quality is going to be.
I will have to find a dupe for this for when this runs out because I just love it that much!
Incase if you are wondering where I bought this magical powder from, it was from B&M for a mere price of £3.
B&M sell alot of cute miscellaneous gift sets and cute girly make up. Do pop down to your nearest store and check it out :)

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  1. Cute shade !


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