Thursday, 24 October 2013

New From The Body Shop - Colour Crush Eyeshadows* In Fig Leaf and Sugar Gaze

I have never tried make up from The Body Shop before so I was excited when I received a little package courtesy of The Body Shop team! I was sent two types of products from the colour crush range (a lipstick and two eyeshadows) and an eyeshadow brush.
Just like a rainbow,the eyeshadow range has a huge array of gorgeous colours, I am sure there is a colour to suit everyone and not only that, there are two types of eyeshadows available in the range - matte or pearlescent.
The two shades that I was sent were pearlescent and it sure is pretty to look at!
The Body Shop are known for remaining vegetarian and being 100% cruelty free, nothing was harmed whilst making these products.
These eyeshadows also contain alot of skin conditioning oils so you gain something good to your skin whilst wearing these which is always a plus!
With all of those safe ingredients you would assume that the product may not be as striking as other top leading eyeshadows but you should think again...
The pigmentation is fantastic! the swatches above are without a primer so imagine the intensity of the shades with a primer.
I absolutely love the depth and tone of the Fig Leaf shade, such a stunning green! 
Sugar glaze could be a near enough dupe to the nylon eyeshadow from MAC. This could double up as a eye brightener and a highlighter. Talk about versatility! What I love about these eyeshadows is that you can use it dry like how you would normally use it by blending and layering the pigment or you can use it wet by using a damp eyeshadow or eyeliner brush to create dramatic cat eye flicks. You can really experiment with all the colours and say goodbye to the traditional black.
The clear and sturdy packaging allows you to see the shade without having to open it and if any knocks or tumbles occur I will not expect this eyeshadow to crumble.
The texture is so silky and smooth that it really does blend easily making it a good choice for smokey eyes.
And finally in terms of longevity you do get a decent amount of wear time before any signs of fading but who says you cannot carry this for touch ups, it pretty small and practically weightless so you can always ensure that your eyes are looking at it's best.

I am quite impressed with these eyeshadows and since this was the first time trying a eye product from The Body Shop I didn't know what to expect but these mighty lil mono compacts are worth checking out!

Check out The Body Shop's Colour Crush collection

What do you think of these eyeshadows? comment below!


  1. Both are very lovely shades :)


  2. @london loafers hey cool name! ^^ I agree, very wearable!


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