Friday, 18 October 2013

Santoro London Gorjuss Biscuit Tin* - Review

Need a cute storage idea? then look no further because I have for you a biscuit tin by Santoro London. How gorgeously cute is this?! This tin is perfect for storing away sweet treats and biccies because the size is reasonably good and measuring at (17cm dia and 18cm high) you can fit ALOT in this ^^
I have really become familiarised with the Gorjuss range because I have also reviewed another product which you can read here - link and you can expect nothing but good quality merchandise and pretty looking items that will turn heads.
This is a really sturdy tin with the lovely 'gorjuss' ruby print all over it. The price is a bit steep for a biscuit tin but if you happen to adore the range then am sure the prices won't matter. I do think that if you have different tins (varying of colours & sizes) then it would look great on any kitchen worktop/shelf.

As much as I love sweet treats I also love bath products and I try to find ways to store certain items. I was in a mini dilemma, I had some bath stuff that needed storing away and I had no idea where to put it. This biscuit tin is perfect for it! Bath bombs are fragile and I wanted to keep it stored safely. The amount of bath stuff that I had only reached half way so that means more space for more bath bombs! ^^ Though this tin is not intended for this use, this can also add a bit of decor to your bedroom too!

Until I find another way to store my bath goodies I will carry on using this tin to store them away. I need suggestions guys! How do you store your bath bombs/soaps? I would really like it to be in a decorative manner but also be kept safe from any possible breakages. Would love it if you could tell me in the comments below or if not send me a link of a review/blogpost on how you organise your bath goodies.

Check it out here - link
What do you think of the biscuit tin?


  1. Such a lovely box !

  2. Really nice post and great box! Also i love your blog is really cute! New follower from blog hop! :)

  3. @sara i agree :) can be used for anything too!

  4. @justabitofall aww thank you! ^^


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