Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster*//Coal Harbour

The Remains... :(

So two evenings ago I was writing up a blogpost (The Winter Nail Edit) and from the corner of my eye I could see that this bath bomb was calling me, A random spur of the moment thing that I decided to take a bath whilst in the middle of writing up a blog post! ha! ^^ It was so worth it though because I came back relaxed and with a clearer mind.
Product Description 

A fizzy ice-cream and soda fragrance, sandwiching a divine cocoa butter swirl, and with pure amyris and thyme essential oils to pep you up and leave you glowing in all your glory!

Wild fruit and red berry notes blend seemlessly with a creamy vanilla base to make a mouth watering fragrance

Place your Whoopie Blaster in warm water and watch as it fizzes rapidly releasing its fragrance and essential oils. Please rinse petals or decorations away from bath immediately after use to prevent accidental staining.

These Whoopie blasters are described as a doughnut (not edible) bathbomb that gives you the pleasure without the guilt, so uniquely made and it is very moisturising thanks to the essential oils but if this was a cake that was sitting right in front of me I would of definitely eaten it by now I mean I CAN have my cake and eat it too right?! ^^
This whoopie blaster has such a unique scent,it boasts of a ice cream float esque fragrance with cola as well as vanilla with red berries and wild fruit.
I just loved how it looked too! ^^ you cannot go wrong with a bathbomb that actually looks like food! plus I happen to love sprinkles ^^
After popping this into the bath it fizzed quickly because of it's first contact with the water then it started to melt slowly, and this was the lower white part of the bath bomb but as soon as it reached to the blue middle part it fizzed quickly again before it turned into a very slow melting bomb that softened the water and spread it's essential oils along the way. 
I like how this one had a melt and fizz feature, though this didn't change my bath water into an amazing colour it did turn it into a calm milky pastel blue.
Hats off to Bomb Cosmetics for this one because this was the most moisturising bath bomb that I have ever tried! My skin was left feeling so soft, the oils and the cocoa butter worked wonders on where I had dry skin, With these whoopie blasters I say skip your body lotions potions and butters since there really is no need! Amazed!
I thought that the hundreds and thousands (sprinkles) would of caused some staining but I didn't see one lil stain in sight ^^
The fragrance lingered on for quite some time and it really made my mind feel more at ease.
Slight word of warning with these blasters, since they are quite oily it will leave your bath very slippery so make sure to take care whilst stepping out of the tub, the oiliness can easily be removed by a basic bathroom cleaner so do not let this minor setback steer you away from buying this beaut!
I would call this a comforting 'hugging' whoopie blaster because it was just that soothing!

A definite recommendation from me!!! This one is currently on sale @ Coal harbour so go and check it out...NOW! ^^

Visit Bomb Cosmetics & Coal harbour to find out more!


  1. What a sweet looking bath bomb! And I bet
    it smell good c: Love the remaining sprinkles lols,
    you can put them in a jar! Xx

  2. okay, so before I read the post I thought it was something you ate.... it looks yummy I mean sprinkles?! haha! I've never tried a bath bomb, but I'm not much of a bath lover. found you from noor's place linky (;

  3. This literally does look good enough to eat haha! I definitely need to try this out :) xxxx

  4. @ice pandora A part of me didn't want to use this lol, too pretty right :)

  5. @alyssa haha! it sure does look like food ^^ you definitely should try some out! aww awesome!

  6. @collette hughes You have my word on this! definitely DO try it out ^^ <3

  7. This is on my wishlist! I'm loving bomb cosmetics at the moment! x

  8. @Temporary:Secretary You will absolutely LOVE this! <3 xx

  9. Visit my website for a whole range of bomb cosmetics products at great prices!


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