Friday, 29 November 2013

Lush Wishlist | Bath Bombs And Bubble Bars ✎

Lush Wishlist

Clockwise from the top: So White bath bomb | Big blue bath bomb | Blue skies and fluffy white clouds bubble bar | Shoot for the stars bath bomb | Creamy candy bubble bar | The melting snowman luxury bath melt | Space girl bath bomb

This is what happens when you attend an event at Lush *facepalm*
If you have read my previous post about the Lush event - Cosmetics to go book launch then you would of guessed that I had such a fab time, infact it was so fab that I multi-tasked... Whilst writing up the event, I made this wishlist. Impressive non?
As well as wanting a popcorn lip scrub I also made a mental note of all of the products that I needed to buy whilst being at the event.
I already have some amazing goodies to try from the event and a Golden wonder bathbomb courtesy of Coal harbour but some of the bath items that I put in my wishlist are from the normal range so it is available any time of the year plus I may of read/watched a gazillion reviews so hopefully I will not be disappointed with my choices.

What's on your Lush Wishlist?


  1. Such a cute list !

  2. I love all of those and Big Blue is amazing x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. @beautyqueenuk ooo I chose well then? :) am excited to try big blue, looks amazing!


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