Friday, 15 November 2013

Pearly Whites.

Have you always wanted a 'hollywood smile' well now you can easily achieve a better, whiter smile with the new Pearl Drops instant whitening system.

I love tea so much that I need atleast one cup daily and this is not good for the whiteness of my teeth, it caused alot of staining and i needed a quick fix. I have tried one whitening toothpaste ages ago but i didn't think it was effective and the amount of baking soda in that toothpaste made it taste very horrible! eek!

Product description 
Instant shine & gloss for a beautiful brighter smile.
Introducing the latest breakthrough in teeth whitening, NEW Pearl Drops Instant White with our exclusive Pro-Shine complex. If you’ve got a special day just around the corner and are looking to enhance the natural white hue of your smile, try this clinically proven toothpolish for instant shine and gloss. The 4D Whitening System goes beyond regular whitening toothpastes, using a unique blend of polishing agents to help lift stains and plaque, accelerating whitening by up to 2 shades in just 1 week.
For teeth so white, they shine.

Firstly I would like to point out that this toothpaste is pink!!! Why? I have no idea but since the packaging has accents of pink it kind of does suggest that it may be this colour. Is there a reason for this? or is it for novelty sake? either way I'm sold!
Better than the traditional white anyway ^^

I was so glad that this does not taste like a whitening toothpaste, i swear they're more salty and unpleasant. This one is ultra minty and it feels as if a dentist has cleaned your teeth!!!

Now, you must be wondering if this actually worked...
Yes! it really did, I have been using this just over a week now and I have seen a change.
My teeth look polished and rather dazzling if I do say so myself. I am also happy to say that my teeth are now atleast two shades lighter which is pretty remarkable. I had no expectations on this toothpaste because of my previous fail with another whitening one so seeing A result is better than nothing.

It states that you should brush three times daily and I had to make sure that I did! sometimes I would forget the third time but even if you use this twice daily you do see somesort of a result.

This is perfect for if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to those extreme whitening kits. This is very affordable and widely available, Next time your out and about do pick this up. It is worth the try and this is perfect for lifting up all the stains.

Check it out at Boots here
Have you tried this before? what were the results?
Let me know in the comments below!

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