Friday, 15 November 2013

Tattoos For Your Nails

Want easy peasy show stopping nails? then read on to find out more about nail art's nail tattoos ^^

This pack comes with 60 individual nails stickers which is enough to experiment with and you can create many looks too!
If you find nail art a bit hard then choose nail stickers, it is so much easier!
Simply choose the design(s) you want, carefully peel it off and apply it onto a fresh clean nail. 
I applied a bow onto my accent nail, I have very small fingers so it does actually look my pinky! ^^
I am wearing clear polish but it is suggested that you should wear these stickers on top of coloured nail polishes because it looks way better.
You could even do ombre nails and adorn all of your nails with a nail tattoo but if you are like me and you like simplicity then just choose one to wear on your accent nail ^^

These nail tattoos really stick well so you won't have to worry about them falling off or sliding away, It is best to apply clear polish on top of the design to maximise the longevity.

I love these! I cannot wait to experiment with these later on!

Check out the nail tattoos*(£5.99) here - link


  1. They are so quirky!

  2. Hi. I love the nail art.

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  3. @beautyqueenuk :) they sure are!


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