Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Vaseline Limited Edition Paint The Town Red Lip Tint*

As many Vaseline fans will know, Every year a limited edition Vaseline is released. At first it is sold exclusively in Selfridges before being readily available at Boots and Superdrug.
This year 'Paint the town' was added to limited edition family, I believe that this is the third one and I think that this has the best Vaseline scent yet!
Who doesn't love or like Vaseline products? It is very purse friendly and I can guarantee that nearly everyone will have some stocked in their homes, bags and even in the car.

I love the packaging - at first glance you may have not of seen it but when you look carefully the effect of red paint dripping down the lid forms a silhouette of a city skyline, how cool is that?!

As though the town is being painted red.

The product within the gorgeous tin really does look bright red with its cherry red like colouring but it turns out to be a very sheer red, perfect for those who want to wear a bold red lip but hesitate to do so (Like me!) 
The scent is amazing! I cannot stop sniffing this, it smells like berries but with a warm/spicy note which seems very fitting for this time of year.

I think Paint The Town would be a nice addition to your collection, It gives you the perfect tint coupled with glossiness and moisture, it is also great for travelling and to chuck into your handbag for any on the go applications.It still works the same as any general Vaseline but the tin looks and smells great too.

Don't forget the tint is limited edition so make sure you get yours whilst you can before they all get snapped up. This is available from Boots and Superdrug and retails for £3.49

What do you think of the new limited edition Vaseline? Own it already? Thinking of buying it? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Lol I first thought they have designed a 'bloody'
    look as like Halloween print :P but now I see
    its a silhouette of a city! Xx

  2. Can't wait to get my hands on this! I never seem to find it in stock anywhere I go :-s

    Rukaiya | Muslim In The Big City

  3. @ice pandora I know right! it could pass for a halloween themed balm ^^

  4. @Jenny i agree! a lovely tint :)

  5. @Rukaiya aww don't worry! keep checking :)


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