Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bathe Pretty | Miss Patisserie*

Though it looks like a girly bakery, it is actually a pretty bath and beauty company that sells amazingly scrummy bath and body treats.
This was founded in 2009 by Charlotte Ridgwell who started making her creations in her very own kitchen but then due to being a great success with the public, a well known company was born! Miss Patisserie products are available in over 150 stores in the UK alone as well as selling in Europe and even Australia!
Miss Patissserie make it very clear about their beliefs and objecives, bath time should be fun! and natural ingredients are used so that it is beneficial to the body too.
Products are made to the highest of standards, alot of care has gone into the products and the best thing is that they do not test on animals... YAY! 

I was Lovingly sent three different products to try out :)
1x Le Pud (gift box) | 1x Sunny Macaroon Bath Melt | 1x Rose Geranium Balm 

All of these smell AMAZING *sniffs Le Pud and gets powder on the nose*
I get too excited over bath products and I do not know if that is normal...
I cannot wait to try it all, I also like the unique-ness of the bath macaroon, quite a different concept that I haven't seen before and the finishing details on each of the product is perfect just like a cherry on top of a sundae.

I would describe Miss Patisserie as a 'bakery' of skin and body items, it all looks like sweet treats with alot of calories.
You can now enjoy heavily 'sweet' products without the guilt *Fist Pump*

Have you tried anything from Miss Patisserie? Let me know in the comments below :)


  1. They are adorable!!! I bet they smell divine


  2. @Amy Liddell :) they sure are :) wish it was edible though... ^^


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