Monday, 23 December 2013

Cat Treats For Shonu | From Wilko*

Here's a lil post just for the animal lovers & cat ladies out there!
No matter how busy my schedule I really do try to fit in some time with my cat, Just so she feels loved and it can be potential bonding time too! cat lady alert
And what way to bond than to try out some goodies that were sent by Wilko! ^^
Shonu was quite excited about the package... I'll have to admit I was quite excited too.

This is what she received..

1x Cat Flea & dust comb
1x Pet bowl cat drinking saucer
1x Cat toy balls with bells (3 toys in one pack)
1x Good Girl Cat treats multipack

Cat flea & dust comb* - £1.99
This was excellent at removing excess fur, dust and possible flea dirt, since Shonu is a clean cat I am not able to comment on the flea/dirt because nothing was picked up however there was some fur that gathered up and it also made her fur look sleek and well groomed. Such a sturdy comb and this should be an essential for every cat owner.

Pet bowl cat drinking saucer* - £2.75
Shonu definitely needed this because when she gets hyper and runs around I often find spillages and recently she did have a hyper moment and she did not knock the bowl over (phew!) this bowl also keeps the water cool which am sure she will love in the hotter months.

Cat toy balls with bells* - £1.29
I knew that these would be used alot! Shonu has been playing with these types of toys ever since she was a lil kitten and she still loves it! Watching her play with these is hilarious. A very wallet friendly purchase!

Good girl cat treats multipack* - I could not find this on the site to double check the price but i am pretty sure it was only a £1!
What a lovely way to end the hands on review by giving her some treats to say thank you for being in my review lol! I have never given shonu catnip or milkdrops before and so this was interesting. Since she likes cream/chocolate she loved the milkdrops more. Whenever she hears the rustling of the bag she will come running (AWW!) these are so wallet friendly, you get a variety and this is perfect to bond with your furry feline even more!

I definitely recommend all of Wilko's pet range, from food treats to grooming products. The quality is amazing for such a budget friendly price! Check out the Cat range here - link

What is your cat's favourite possession? I would love to know!


  1. Zara, your cat is adorable! xx

  2. @Yogita Sisodia aww! thank you! =^^= xx

  3. @Beautyqueenuk ^^ hehe thank you! xx

  4. Awww your cat is so beautiful! I love going into wilko's to get treats for my dog.. they're so cheap! xx
    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. @Gemma T awww shux! hehe thank you Gemma! =^^= once these run out I will definitely be going there to stock up on more! I didn't know it was so cheap! xx

  6. aww kitty is so cute <3 Merry Christmas!

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  7. @Sarah Rizaga aww thankuu! ^^ sure! I shall check it out! xx

  8. i didn't even realise you get flea/dust combs!!i now have a cat who doesn't like to be brushed but the cats i had growing up absolutely loved it:)xx

  9. @Scottish Stef's Nails i know right! cat grooming lol there's alot involved that even I didn't know about but you learn each and everyday with pets :) Ohno :( am sure there is a way to try so your cat will be ok with it :) xx


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