Thursday, 12 December 2013

D.I.Y | Easy Iced Biscuits

Need a fun and easy activity to do with the kids or need something to past the time? Well I have for you an easy and a tasty lil DIY that you can do that is both fun for the kids and for the adults.

All you need is some digestive biscuits, coloured writing icing and the most important thing of all... a creative mind! ^^

I remember doing something similar in primary school and I guess the lil kid in me wanted to do it again but this time I tried to be more creative with the icing, I loved my design! It actually started out as a doodle and then it all became serious... I mean I had to concentrate right? <3

It can be a simple design or if you're an arty type then create a masterpiece! it sure is fun to decorate and eat the treat at the end ^^
You can even create themed designs and alternate the colours, if you have got a steady hand then you can make a batch to possibly gift out, after all it is always the season to give :)
I hope that you can try this out, either by yourself or with the kids.

What do you think? Comment below! <3


  1. Awww these look so cute! I've not done these for years since I was little, but now I want to do some haha xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. @Gemma T haha! yay ^^ definitely do some!!! x


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