Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ikea Haul

I love Ikea, It is a great place to have a loooong walk and shop at the same time, I have been meaning to put this post up for quite some time and now I have finally posted it! (yay)
The first four pictures above were some of the things that I really liked, wish I could of taken a bite out of that gingerbread house...

So after an hour and a half I managed to pick up these goodies ^^
I needed to stock up on the candles since I had none left and I just could not leave Ikea without buying some Daim! Which is pretty delicious if you have not yet tried it! So here's a list of the names & prices of the things that I bought!

1x MÅLA Stamp pens £4
The kid in me will always love stationery so I picked this up so that I could personalise any letters/cards and to add some colour into my scrapbook <3

1x Huge bag of Daim £4+
I definitely needed to buy this, I just love the taste of Daim, quite addictive too. All I remember at home was dropping the bags and ripping this open to start munching on the cutely individual wrapped bars.

1x Rotera lantern for tealight £2
Such a pretty piece for such a cheap price!? How could I not of picked this up? I loved how it looked and there were many colours to choose from. I was attracted to the bright pink for some reason and this looks amazing in the dark since the light is projected out of the star shapes.

2x Tindra scented in glass, rose scent & vanilla scent £0.95 each!!!
Being a candle fanatic I picked these two to try out, I picked the ones that had the most scent in them so fingers crossed these will be good :) It is quite a decent size for under a pound! Again there are so many scents to choose from but since I love sweet/floral scents these came home with me!

3x Tindra scented tealight, apple,berries & tropical fruit £1.50 | 36 tealights in one pack
I needed these for my lantern ^^ and I chose the ones that smelt quite strong, all of these scents are amazing! just like the real thing. You can use these to decorate the room and/or for the lantern too!

What do you like to purchase at Ikea? Comment below!


  1. I love IKEA! It has some wonderful and cute things! :)

  2. My dad's bought a massive tin of those pepper-cookie gingerbreads, they're all I can smell at the minute!

  3. @Anthi T it's the best! ^^ xx

  4. @Sara Thomas mmm scrummy! no need to burn a festive candle hehe ^^ xx


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