Friday, 6 December 2013

Miss Patisserie | Rose Geranium Conditioning Balm*

Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen? A pug on a floral tin of lipbalm = perfection!

So recently I was sent some lovely products from Miss Patisserie and you can see the post here - link
I decided to try this out first because it is a multi use product and I absolutely love a product that can be used in many ways.

First off the packaging, CUTE seems to be the right word to sum it up, a sturdy metal tin that's great for on the go and you get alot of product once you open it. The conditioning balm is filled up to the rim! This also may have gotten a permanent place on my bedside table... 

Miss Patisserie ensures that all of their products are natural and this contains 100% good stuff which can only mean that you are using something that is also beneficial to your skin and lips.

Product description: 
This balm includes conditioning and moisturising ingredients of mango butter, coconut and jojoba oil. The balm is flavoured with Rose Geranium essential oil that will delicately fragrance your rosy lips! This balm can also be used on dry skin and your cuticles to keep them soft and smooth.

The unused balm had a shiny film like texture and this is actually a layer of hydration which keeps the product fresh, but once you start using it the texture becomes some what buttery which is quite bizarre because it is not even a lip butter.
I think the fresh ingredients are to blame for the amazing texture.
The scent is subtle but enough, not too over powering and the combination of rose and geranium seems to work quite well and I particularly love rose scents.
Applying this on my lips has worked wonders on any dry patches and now you can say goodbye to chapped lips and by working this product into the lips it feels more hydrated and it really does soothe my lips, a big comfort factor here!
I also use this on my cuticles, I simply apply what I think is enough on my cuticles and nails and I spend atleast five minutes on each hand because I neglect it so much so they do deserve a lil pamper time too!
Another use for this conditioning balm is that it can be used on dry/rough skin. Thanks to this lovely cold weather my hands have gotten quite dry but there's nothing a lil balm can't fix.

All of this for the mere price of £3.99? I say grab one now! Available in three scrummy flavours
Check it out here - Link

What do you think of this cute balm? Rate multi-use products? Let me know in the comments below!

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