Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Orla Kiely Mini Scented Candle And Diffuser set* | Geranium and Myrrh

Candles seem to be a popular choice amongst bloggers right now and why not?! Candles are like the best thing ever for cozy nights in!
I received this Orla Kiely set and I could not wait to see if the scent was something I would like since I have never tried this kind of a scent before.
This cute lil set would make a perfect gift idea for the scent obsessed friend or as a lil treat for yourself. Either way anyone who receives this will be one happy bunny!

Since I am more into fruity and sweet scents I wasn't too sure if I would like this but ever since this duo has been sitting on my dresser, I did become more and more fond of the scent.
Though both products are minis, they both have an amazing amount of scent that does fill the room.
The candle is made from 100% vegetal wax and the wick happens to be made out of pure cotton, I noticed that this candle burned evenly, unlike others that leaves a big dip so relighting this 3-4 times was really easy.
The diffuser also had worked quite well, after a short amount of time I could smell the scent everytime I entered into my room.
I would describe this as a herbal meets comfort scent that is also rich and sweet at the same time. I love this scent!
There are two sets available, this one and a basil/mint combination if this one does not take your fancy.
I also love that you get a keepsake box out of this set, the lovely 60s style print would look fab in any room. I have already made use out of mine by storing lil notes and keepsakes in it :)
This was my first ever experience using Orla Kiely products and believe me I was very far from being disappointed!
It is pretty good value for money because you are getting two quality products that are each worth around the £25 mark! (for full sizes) and you get a retro print keepsake box out of it too!

Orla Kiely Geranium and Myrrh Mini Scented Candle and Reed Diffuser Set, £22.95* from


  1. I have never heard of Orla Kiely before but these sound so nice! Really cute packaging too. Great post :)

    I am now following :)

    I would apprectiate if you have a minute to take a look at my blog and perhaps follow back ? :) x

  2. Looks dead cute in you're room, I am obsessed with candles and smellys to make your room nice! x

  3. @Kelsielauren me too! This is my first ever product from Orla Kiely, thank you! sure I shall check it out :) x

  4. @Alice May aww thank you! ^^ definitely! can never have too many candles :) x

  5. What a yummy sounding candle! I wish the computer could transfer scents! ;)


  6. This looks really lovely!
    It was a funny coincidence because we're renovating atm and were looking at wallpaper from this brand haha, the print is so cute ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

  7. @Mariamma Iris It sure was scrummy, I wasn't expecting it either because I thought it was going to be a full on herbal scent, ahh I wish too! so that i could smell all the yankee candles!!! xx

  8. @Iqra aww wow! ^^ that sure is one funny coincidence! Too right It's so retro cute! xx


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