Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Pretty Pink | L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Blush*

The letters 'BB' have taken over the beauty world by storm and here's another little edition to add to the ever growing family.
I enjoy using BB creams for days when I do not need a full face of make up and it gives a chance for your skin to breathe and say thank you!

The words 'universal' and 'magique' really intrigued me into trying out this product, I love make up that changes/adapts to your skin/heat. I am a HUGE fan of the Barry M lipstick that looks green but turns out to be a custom shade pink. So having said that I just had to try this and see what custom pink shade I would get.

Packaging wise, it is fuss free and hygienic too! You can control the amount you want to use and it does not involve your fingers to touch into the product which is a plus!

This blusher is in a form of a gel and I was surprised to see how velvety smooth it was once I swatched it onto my wrist. It first starts out as a gel and then it becomes a powder with a staining effect.
What's the magic part I hear you asking? Well the gel comes out clear but as soon as it comes in contact with the skin, it becomes pink. A rather gimmicky idea but I'm sold!
The wear time that I got out of this was around the 4-5 hour mark which is pretty good!

I quite like the colour, since it is a shade that I would actually wear. I love pink blushers and this gave me that winter flush that actually did make me look rosy.
I am not entirely sure if this really does change for other skin tone/types but it definitely may be worth trying if you are intrigued to see what pink shade you achieve :)

This took me a lil time to get used to, I have never tried gel blushers but using my brush and fingers has surely helped me to blend and apply enough product so that i'm not looking overly done.

I quite like this, the texture and the outcome of the colour is great! It feels nice on the skin too. I say pick this one up if you're out and about because it's great for experimenting. Since this is part of the BB family I personally find it easy to use now, the way it blends and learning the 'a little bit goes a long way' motto is the way I have mastered using this.

Have you tried this? What gel blushers have you used? 


  1. A nice, light rosy flush you got, xoxo.

  2. It looks so pretty!! Thinking of trying it out xx

  3. I'm a bit surprised to see its a gel form cuz
    mostly I see creamy texture with BB cream :P
    Glad you like it! Xx

  4. I've never seen a gel BB cream before. They're usually creamy (as the name suggests), but I like how discreet the color is.

  5. @inez thank you!! ^^ it gives a lovely subtle and natural flush x

  6. @bhavna be sure to try it! you'll love it :)

  7. @ice pandora yes, i totally agree. It should of been a cream instead but not sure why it is a gel x

  8. @audrey I totally agree :) the pop of colour is great though nonetheless x

  9. I've never used a gel blusher before, but it seems like a really interesting product! I love how it looks on you :)

  10. @mani it sure is a different concept but the results were fab! ^^ thank you <3 x

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  12. Great post! This product looks really interesting. I have super dry skin, would you recommend it? Xx

  13. @aliceadoresapparel thank you! ^^ sure! of course, if your skin is quite dry you can also apply a moisturiser prior to using it :)


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