Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Get The Kawaii Look.

*Insert* a lil kawaii pic of your face here... The look completed :)

I can now call myself a huge fan of Kawaii, You will see exactly what I mean in some upcoming posts but after researching and 'Oohing' at other make up looks that are inspired by the Japan/Asian culture I decided to give it a shot. I went to my make up drawers and pulled out items which I thought would look great as part of this look.
This Kawaii make up look is based on flawless complexions complemented with pops of pink to make you look effortlessly cute. This will not cover up your natural beauty... it will enhance it <3

So to start off this look you will need a primer, a decent one like Benefit's Porefessional will allow you to work on a clear and smooth canvas. After applying this my complexion instantly felt smooth, my pores were reduced and this product allows make up to stay put. Amazing stuff!
Moving on to foundation, I chose the EX1 Invisiwear liquid foundation because it is such a light foundation that literally has no weight, so you feel as if you have put nothing on your face and the look is all about enhancing your beauty rather than putting a mask on so I applied this wherever I needed to and then I buffed it into the skin using my Nanshy flat top buffer brush.
Now onto concealer, I picked out the Glo minerals under eye concealer because it is so creamy! it conceals all the lil flaws and under eye circles. For precision, use a concealer brush. If you already have a youthful and clear complexion (lucky you) then skip this step :) 
For face powder I put forward the Kryolan translucent powder
This instantly mattifies the skin and gives an incredible longevity to the full make up look, remember not to over powder though because the face needs to look dewy/healthy so just lightly dust this over.
For brows, I used the MUA Eye brow kit to gently define my brows and achieve the fuller look but again be careful not to over do this one as it can look harsh which takes away what we are trying to achieve so try a couple of strokes and that's it.
To define my eyes, I used the Frontcover eye pencil and smudger from this cute kit and I lined the upper lashline and smudged it outwards but don't let it wing out too much as this will look unnatural. This will give the illusion of fuller lashes.
Next for clarity I applied the Lancome definicils mascara onto my lashes, apply one coat to both upper and lower lashes and then a second coat to just the upper edge lashes and this will make your eyes appear bigger ^^ use a definition mascara rather than a volumising one and try not to over coat lashes as this will start to appear clumpy and you do not want that!
Time to highlight and using the Bourjois illuminating touch highlighter
Apply this onto your cheekbones and temples because this will make your skin look happier and radiant. Apply any excess around the eye area to lift and brighten <3
Now this part is my favourite, You can use the same highlighter or use a eyeshadow for this step, I used the very light lilacy colour from the Maybelline Quad eyeshadow in the range 'purple drama' and for this simply smile so that you can apply some colour onto the flesh which are your 'eyebags' and this gives the look of 'puffy and smiley' eyes.
Now to add the pops of pink, I used my trusty blusher from sleek, this pixie pink shade is perfect for this look, simply smile again and buff some colour onto those cheeks!
Lastly to achieve a cute and healthy pink pout I used my burt's bees lipbalm to prep my lips and then I coated my lips with this gorgeous 'barbie' pink lipstick (shade 4) from MUA, this lipstick is more of a tint rather than a full on colour and that is perfect for this look. Try pink tints rather than matte/satin lipsticks. when you are applying this use your fingers, not a brush because you want it to look natural and not defined.

And now the simple kawaii look is complete! I feel and look great. It is such a effortless everyday look that is very comfortable to wear. I hope you enjoyed this! Would love to know what you think of this look, hope you try it out! 


  1. Looks lovely and natural. I like the eyeshadow shades

    Carrieanne xx

  2. Looks really nice and natural hun. I love your photography, really eye catching, the pics look amazing!

    Great post :)

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  3. Benefit's Porefessional i so need this in my life x lovely post

  4. @Carrieanne Drew aww thank you! glad you liked it! xx

  5. @Emma Blight aww thank you so much! That means alot! xx

  6. @Mevish Definitely! it's a wonderful primer <3 xx thankuu

  7. Its 'kawaii' but not too overdone, I like it c; Xx

  8. you have great products :)


  9. @Ice Pandora aww thank you so much xx

  10. I always find it kind of funny when I see Kawaii inspired looks when I'm here trying to look more Western.


  11. @Sabrina you have the right to voice your opinion but I wanted to share something a lil different to my readers, I am a huge fan of kawaii and I think it's an interesting concept. But each to their own :)

  12. Just found your blog, its great! I love it, can't wait to see more pictures. Did you do the lay out yourself ? excited to see more :) Lucy xxx

    Florals & Corals

  13. @Lucy Connelly firstly I love the name of your blog! <3 so cute! thank you so much Lucy, it means alot. Yes, I made my whole blog but with the help of google/youtube tutorials, understanding html codes was made easier ^^ xx


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