Friday, 10 January 2014

Pretty Lil Soap Fancy* Review | My English Summer

Pretty vintage style beauty products are one of my most favorite things and when I discovered My English Summer I was head over heels in love with how the bath and body products were made and presented. I was lovingly sent three products to try and you can read more about this cute lil company and see the products sent in this post here

Product Description:

These pretty little soap fancies look good enough to eat, but please don't! They are a mild, SLS-free soap, fragranced with our signature blend of soft florals and washed cotton. 
These charming little squares are lightly sprinkled with our sparkling fairy dust (actually cosmetic grade glitter) and adorned with a pretty pink rose. They look so pretty sat in your bathroom or on your dressing table, and they compliment our pretty little bath bombs perfectly.

Presented in a pretty white organza bag with our My English Summer tag, these adorable little soaps make superb gifts and wedding favours.

Now I'll have to admit, a part of me did not want to use it simply because it was just TOO pretty and I didn't want to ruin the design, but I guess it had to be done! ^^
Remember to remove the handmade wired flower on the top before using the soap. I even found a use for the cute lil decoration! I simply wrapped it around my bobby pin and I got a brand new hair accessory out of it, Neat! non?

This soap fancy actually reminds me of a fondant fancy, so cake like and delicate. You can just tell how lovingly this has been made, from the sprinkled on glitter to the handmade flower detailing. My English Summer truly mean business!

The has a gorgeous floral meets freshly washed cotton scent that smells natural and after using this my hands were left feeling soft and delicately scented. This lathered up well leaving soft bubbles and watching the glitter swirl down the drain was strangely hypnotising. After first use there is still glitter remaining on the soap and I am so glad about that!
I say replace all your ordinary hand soaps with these cute soap fancies. No questions asked... These soaps come packaged individually in a drawstring bag. This makes it a great gift idea and it's also great for party favours too. What more could you want?

Check it out here //£3.50*

What do you think of these lil soap fancies?  

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  1. That is the cutest bath bomb I have ever seen!!

  2. Hello Zara! Thank you for stopping by my blog and linking up on my Where Rainbows End Blog Hop. Your blog is beautiful! This soap looks stunning, how beautiful would it be to display in the bathroom. Now following you via GFC.

    Fiona @

  3. These are adorable!! I would just want to collect them and keep them for decoration! haha. Visiting from the blog hop :-) Awesome blog!


  4. Hey I'm your new follower - saw you on the blog hop! xx

  5. Hi

    Just dropping by from the blog hop. Love the soap as you say it looks like a cake & too pretty to use! I've got bath bombs that are cake like & they are too pretty to use, I'm ashamed to admit I've had them over 2 years now. I'm now following you :) xx

  6. @Kat ^^ soap, it sure is! xx

  7. @Fiona aww no problem! thankuuu! ^^ it sure is! so pretty as a display piece xx

  8. @Christal haha I don't blame you! aww thankuu xx

  9. @Amilia Sofia aw thank you! xx

  10. @Denise M aww haha I don't blame you, it is hard to use pretty things! thankuu xx

  11. This is so pretty, I love the packaging x

  12. So jealous! This looks gorgeous and gives an impression of soft and gentle use! loving your blog posts :)

    Georgia x

  13. @Nicola Robinson I agree :) i did not want to use it lol xx

  14. @Jenny ^^ ahh yes! definitely presented well :) xx

  15. @Georgia Leigh <3 i absolutely agree with you! it was by far one of the best soaps I have ever used. Aww that is so sweet! thank you so much xx


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